Ibex Safari on Mount Pilatus

Lake Lucerne Region

Ibex safari: Experience the king of the Alps up close on a guided excursion on the Pilatus as you go stalking for the majestic ibex.

Ibexes on Pilatus

Ibexes on Pilatus

Experience ibexes on Pilatus

Ibex have been living on Mount Pilatus for over 60 years now. In all this time, the ibex on the mountain have become accustomed to humans.

1961 Settlement of ibexes on the Pilatus

The ibex adventure on the Pilatus began in May 1961. Three ibex and three goats from the Piz Albris colony in Graubünden were released in the Mattalp area.

In the following years until 1969, a further 13 ibex from the same Grisons colony were released on the Pilatus. The reintroduction also took place because the animals are important for tourism on the Pilatus.

The ibex was originally native to the entire Alpine region, but was almost completely wiped out by the 18th century. A single colony of around 100 animals survived only in the royal hunting grounds in the Aosta Valley and formed the basis for today’s population.

From 1920, animals were successfully reintroduced into the wild, first in Graubünden and later in other areas of Switzerland, to ensure the survival of the species and return the ibex to its natural habitat.

Ibex Safari

Observing the ibex colony is an unforgettable and impressive experience. The mountain belongs to the animals, especially in the evening and early morning. With a Ibex safari you can experience this natural spectacle.

Video Ibex Safari Pilatus

Experience the ibexes on the Pilatus up close…

Steinbock Safari Pilatus

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