Lake Lucerne region

The most beautiful excursion destinations in the Lake Lucerne Region – Central Switzerland and the birthplace of Switzerland: from mountain panoramas to idyllic lakes and villages.

Central Switzerland is a picturesque region in the heart of Switzerland and comprises six cantons, including the original cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden. The Lake Lucerne Region is known for its breathtaking scenery with mountains, lakes and picturesque villages.

Lucerne is a historical and cultural hotspot, with sights such as the Chapel Bridge and the Lion Monument. Lake Lucerne is the largest lake in the region and a popular destination for water sports and leisure activities. Central Switzerland is also known for its traditional cuisine, such as cheese fondue and rösti, as well as its carnival celebrations and folk festivals.

Lake Lucerne region - origin of Switzerland
Here are our highlights in the Lake Lucerne Region:
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