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We are looking for partnerships and collaborations that lead to a genuine, mutual win-win situation. is an independent travel portal for luxury tours through Switzerland. Customers can choose between tailor-made luxury trips and 7-, 10- or 14-day luxury travel packages with a private guide for 1 to 4 people as well as for families and friends up to 10 people.

Our exclusive luxury tours are 100% tailored to the customer’s personal wishes and needs and offer unforgettable experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

Divided into 11 regions of Switzerland, our portal offers 87 top highlights and 150 other highlights as possible travel destinations, carefully selected by luxury travel expert and tour guide Brigitte Heller. In addition, the living traditions, customs and culinary specialties are presented for each region.

Brigitte Heller, luxury travel expert and tour guide

Partnerships & Cooperations with Win-Win Potential

We see interesting partner opportunities in the exclusive luxury tourism segment in the following areas:

  • Luxury hotels, castles and palaces
  • Luxury river cruises in Europe
  • Luxury vacation resorts & wellness
  • Luxury flights, helicopter transfers & private jets
  • Luxury watches, jewelry and accessories
  • Exclusive private villas and resorts

Possible Forms of Cooperation

The following cooperation opportunities are generally welcome:

  • Mutual Linking:
    Prerequisite: Complementary products or services in the luxury tourism segment with synergy or mutual win-win potential.
  • Guest Article:
    We enjoy writing columns and guest articles for print and online media.
  • Advertising:
    The placement of paid advertising is possible. The prerequisite is that the advertised products and services fit the luxury tourism target group.
  • TV Expert and Interviews on Luxury Travel in Switzerland:
    Brigitte Heller has already appeared in front of the camera for numerous interviews, including a nomination in the Society Swiss of the Year 2015 category with the “Against Food Waste” table display for the hotel and catering industry as well as online marketing, blogging, video and social media.
  • Affiliate-Marketing:
    When mentioning products, we are happy to link to the offers of partners in return for a corresponding commission. The prerequisite is that the products and services mentioned fit the luxury tourism target group and represent added value for visitors to our portal.
  • Invitations and Blogger Trips:
    Brigitte Heller likes to write articles about a destination, a hotel, a river cruise or a service as part of an invitation.
  • Newsletter-Marketing:
    Mention of partner products and services. The prerequisite is that the advertised products and services fit the luxury tourism target group.

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