Bernes Midlands

The most beautiful excursion destinations in the Bernes Midlands region: from the medieval atmosphere of the city of Bern to the cozy Emmental valley with its legendary Emmental cheese.

The Bernes Midlands region stretches around the city of Bern and offers an enchanting backdrop. Time seems to stand still in the small medieval towns, while the Alpine foothills and Jura mountain ranges attract winter sports enthusiasts.

Discover the insider tips of the locals, such as the mythical valleys in the Emmental or the Gurnigel/Gantrisch region. Immerse yourself in the picturesque landscape of the Swiss Plateau and experience the many possibilities that this region has to offer. 

Bernese Mountain Dog
Here are our highlights in the Bernes Midlands region:
Other favorite destinations in the Bernes Midlands region:
Paul Klee Center

Paul Klee Center

The Paul Klee Center, a new architectural highlight, was created in 2005 as a landmark for the federal city and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bern. The wave-like construction...

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