The most beautiful destinations in the Geneva-Vaud-Fribourg region: from the modern cities of Geneva, Lausanne and Montreux to the idyllic villages of Yvorne and Yvoire, Lake Geneva, idyllic vineyards and sublime castles and palaces.
The area, around Lake Geneva is famous for its weather the wine growing area of Le Lavaux and the stunning vistas of the Alps alongside the Mediterranean inspired promenades, by Lake Geneva.

Situated at the core of this region Vaud canton extends from the Jura Mountains to the Vaud Alps, bordered by lakes that enhance the beauty of the scenery.

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Here are our highlights in the Geneva-Vaud-Fribourg region:
Other favorite destinations in the Geneva-Vaud-Fribourg region:
Mount Pèlerin

Mount Pèlerin

On the north-eastern shore of Lake Geneva, north of Vevey, the impressive Mont Pèlerin range of hills stretches majestically up to an altitude of around 700 meters. To enjoy the...

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