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Tailor-made Luxury Travel in Switzerland

Discover the best of Switzerland on a tailor-made luxury travel exclusively designed for you.

“Would you like to book an exclusive, individually tailored private trip to the top highlights of Switzerland? With private guidance and chauffeured in a private car? Including stays in luxury hotels or first class hotels of your choice? With the freedom to choose the departure date and number of travel days? In short, an explicit, private luxury trip without any restrictions, without any ifs and buts?”

Then you’ve come to the right place!

My name is Brigitte Heller, I am your personal tour guide on your entire luxury trip through Switzerland. Allow me to briefly introduce myself in the following video:

Luxury travel Switzerland - BEST OF SWITZERLAND

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Your customized luxury travel

Share your individual travel preferences regarding places, attractions, activities, and highlights in Switzerland with us. Based on your preferences, we will tailor your dream trip through Switzerland.

Get inspiration for your trip from our offers:

You can find more ideas for your individually designed, tailor-made luxury trip in Switzerland under the travel destinations of the 11 regions of Switzerland and under highlights.

Experience the best of Switzerland inidyllic mountain villages set high in the Alps and surrounded by majestic snow-capped peaks. Enjoy mountain railway rides on world record-breaking cable cars, steamboat cruises on sparkling lakes and romantic walks along picturesque shores.

Discover historic, charming towns and visit first-class sights that showcase Swiss traditions and customs. Experience UNESCO World Heritage Sites, taste wines, cheese and chocolate and enjoy typical Swiss cuisine with fine specialties from all cantons as well as exquisite regional wines and much more.

Luxury travel Switzerland with Brigitte Heller - Your private tour guide

“On your luxury trip, I will personally guide you to the top destinations and highlights of Switzerland as well as to special places that are often only known to insiders and are far away from the tourist crowds.”

“Your tailor-made luxury trip is a matter close to my heart. I am delighted to be able to accompany you on your entire journey. I will do my utmost to ensure that all your wishes and dreams come true.”


Brigitte Heller, Tour Guide Luxury Travel Switzerland

Tailor-made luxury travel in Switzerland – unique, personal and unforgettable:
  • Private tour for 1 to 4 people, family and friends up to 10 people
  • Personal tour guide by Brigitte Heller
  • Destinations and sights freely selectable
  • Free choice of the number of travel days
  • Excursion options freely selectable
  • Visit special places that are often only known to insiders
  • Chauffeured in a comfortable private car
  • Overnight stay in luxury hotels or unique first class hotels and castles according to your preferences
  • Private guided tour in German, English and French at the same time
  • Day of departure freely selectable
  • 24/7 all-round support
  • Options in bad weather
  • Daily adaptation to individual wishes

UNIQUE: Your personal tour guide Brigitte Heller, born and raised in Switzerland, is a Swiss travel expert and will accompany you throughout the trip and provide you with individual information about each sight and destination.

Luxury Travel Switzerland with Brigitte Heller

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Information request regarding customized luxury travel

Please let me know your desired destinations, travel date, number of days and number of people. I will be happy to answer your questions personally if you give me your e-mail address and cell phone number. In a second step, get to know me personally by phone or video call if you wish.

I look forward to hearing from you via contact form or e-mail to mail@switzerland-highlights.com.

Yours, Brigitte Heller, Tour Guide Luxury Travel through Switzerland

Your advantages with us as a Swiss luxury travel provider:

Your luxury trip through Switzerland with Brigitte Heller
30 years of experience in the Swiss luxury hotel, catering and travel industry

Brigitte Heller, General Manager Switzerland-Highlights and Tour Guide, brings 30 years of experience and expertise from her many years as a director in the upscale hotel and hospitality industry. Her exclusive network includes renowned partners in the luxury hotel, gastronomy and travel industry.

For each destination, we select the ideal luxury hotel or unique first-class hotel, castle or panorama hotel for you, thus ensuring first-class experiences.

Luxury travel through Switzerland - Matterhorn with mountain lake

Top destinations and sights with selectable options

We have selected exclusive top destinations and highlights for your luxury trip, each with several daily options that can be tailored to both the weather and your preferences. We also take you to hidden gems that are often only known to insiders and are off the beaten track. Our portal presents a selection of Top Highlights, divided into 11 different regions of Switzerland.
Your luxury trip through Switzerland - Rigi-Alphorn customs

Insider knowledge about Swiss customs and traditions

Customs and traditions are very important in Switzerland and are just as diverse as the landscapes, lakes, valleys and mountains.

Each region cultivates its own individual customs and traditions. On our platform, you can discover the living traditions and customs of today for each region.

Thanks to our Swiss origins, we can provide you with in-depth insights and background information.

Luxury travel through Switzerland - planning and advice
Planning and advice

For each destination on your luxury trip, there are several options that you can choose from.

Under FAQ – Frequently asked questions and answers you will find lots of valuable information about our luxury tours through Switzerland. If you have any further questions or personal requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your dream trip - 24/7 all-round carefree service

24/7 all-round carefree service

Allow yourself to be pampered during your journey.

We take care of all organizational and administrative tasks for you, such as restaurant and wellness reservations, creating commemorative photos and videos with you at selected locations, and more.

Enjoy the journey to the fullest…