Flims – Outdoor paradise in the Alps


Flims is located at an altitude of around 1100 m and lies above the Vorderrheintal valley. It is part of the sports and leisure destination “Alpenarena – Flims Laax Falera”. A particular highlight in Flims is the breathtaking Lake Cauma, which offers opportunities for hiking in a beautiful landscape in both winter and summer.

Flims - Caumasee

Flims – Caumasee

Lake Cauma, known in Rhaeto-Romanic as “Lag la Cauma”, which means “lake of the midday rest”, is undoubtedly the pearl of Flims. Whether you are on foot or by bike, a visit to this beautiful lake is the perfect way to round off your excursion. Lake Cauma lies in the heart of the Flims forest and impresses above all with its striking turquoise-green water and pleasantly cool temperature: In summer, the water is between 17 and 24 degrees Celsius. Swimming in Lake Cauma definitely belongs on every summer bucket list for a vacation in Flims Laax Falera!

The unique nature of Flims is the result of a historic natural disaster, the Flims landslide, which took place 9,000 years ago. With a volume of between 9 km³ and 12 km³, the Flims landslide is the largest alpine landslide event, around 300 times larger than the Goldau landslide and around 1200 times larger than the Elm landslide. It is one of the largest known landslides in the world. This impressive history shapes the landscape and creates a fascinating backdrop for visitors.

Rhine Gorge

Rhine Gorge

Flims in summer

Flims offers the right program for everyone: from the longest flow country trail in Europe to relaxation at Lake Cauma. Mountain bike routes, hiking trails, themed hikes, the Pinut via ferrata, a high ropes course and golf await you here for a varied vacation with the whole family. River rafting in the “Swiss Grand Canyon” is a particular highlight.

The Rhine Gorge, also known as Ruinaulta, rightly deserves the nickname “Swiss Grand Canyon”. It is one of the most impressive landscapes in Graubünden and is unique even in the Alps. In this wild gorge area, you can experience a pure adrenaline rush with river rafting or hike along steep rock formations.

A well-developed hiking trail and cycle routes along the Rhine also offer fantastic opportunities for barbecuing, creating stone sculptures or footbathing. If you prefer a more leisurely pace, you also have the option of exploring the Rhine Gorge by train or post bus.

Flims-Laax Falera

Flims-Laax Falera

Flims in winter

The LAAX ski area is easily and conveniently accessible from Flims. With a total of 29 lifts and over 235 kilometers of pistes, it offers a variety that will delight beginners, freestylers and passionate skiers alike.

LAAX has repeatedly been named the best ski resort in Switzerland and is regarded as the leading freestyle resort in Europe. Here you will find guaranteed snow and an extraordinary highlight – the world’s largest halfpipe. At the World Ski Awards, LAAX was awarded both the jury and the public prize as the best ski resort in the category “World’s Best Freestyle Resort” for the sixth time in a row.



FlemXpress – The first gondola cab in the world!

On December 23, 2023, the first two sections of the FlemXpress gondola lift, namely Flims-Foppa and Foppa-Startgels, were officially put into operation. The remaining three sections – Startgels-Segnes, Segnes-Nagens Sura and Segnes-Cassons – will also be completed and ready for operation by the 2024/25 winter season.

The FlemXpress gondola lift is characterized by its innovative autonomous technology, which is only activated when required. Movement along the route is carried out conventionally on a rope, while the cabins in the stations move independently on rails. This is made possible by a separate electric drive on each cabin. When the gondolas are not needed, they are not on the rope, which contributes to a considerable reduction in energy consumption. This innovative technology makes boarding the stationary cabins uncomplicated, stress-free and barrier-free. Simply select your destination at the touch of a button, board and enjoy the ride in the panoramic cabins.

Video FLIMS SWITZERLAND: Flims Travel Guide, Hiking to Caumasee, Crestasee, Ruinaulta, Laax + MORE!

FLIMS SWITZERLAND: Flims Travel Guide, Hiking to Caumasee, Crestasee, Ruinaulta, Laax + MORE!

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Video Flims Swiss Grand Canyon

Flims Swiss Grand Canyon Sommer 2017

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