Stanserhorn with world record CabriO cable car

Highlights Lake Lucerne Region

On your exclusive journey through Switzerland, you can choose between the Stanserhorn with the spectacular world-record CarbriO, the Golden Round Trip from Lucerne to Pilatus, the ascent to the Rigi – known as the Queen of the Mountains, or the Titlis glacier experience with the rotating Rotair cable car.

The Stanserhorn offers a unique ascent with a historic funicular and the world’s first CabriO aerial cableway. At the summit, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of 100 kilometers of the Alps and 10 Swiss lakes. The Rondorama revolving restaurant and the rich flora and fauna make the excursion unforgettable.

Our tip: Stanserhorn at sunrise: Take part in a guided sunrise hike and enjoy the spectacular moment when the first rays of sunlight illuminate the Alps. This early morning hike offers a unique and unforgettable perspective of the mountains and the surrounding landscape.

Nostalgia meets innovation: historic funicular and modern CabriO aerial tramway

Enjoy the breeze and the view on the way up to the Stanserhorn – first in the open funicular, rumbling like 120 years ago – then on the roof of the unforgettable CabriO aerial cableway. This makes it possible to enjoy the mountain panorama without disturbing windows.

Nostalgia train station

Nostalgia train station

A ride on the world-first CabriO and the funicular dating back to 1893 up the Stanserhorn is like a journey through cable car history.

100 kilometers of the Alps, 10 Swiss lakes, the Stanserhorn Ranger, Murmeli, a plant conservation area with enchanting fauna and flora, culinary highlights in the revolving restaurant Rondorama, specialty Älplermagronen from the Edelweisstopf and much more can be discovered on the Stanserhorn.

From Lucerne to the Stanserhorn

In less than 25 minutes from Lucerne, you can reach the village of Stans by car or public transport.

First a piece of nostalgia, then a world first: the journey up the Stanserhorn is an experience in itself. Open wooden carriages have been traveling comfortably from Stans to the Stanserhorn since 1893.

The original vintage funicular first takes you from Stans to the Kälti transfer station. This is a leisurely ride on flat terrain along fields and through the forest.

Then you change to the ultra-modern funicular – the world’s first convertible. Floating through the masts on the roof of the double-decker panoramic cabin is an unforgettable experience – enjoy the wind and the view without ropes over your head.

Pure nostalgia

Pure nostalgia

World first CabriO-Bahn

The double-decker reversible aerial tramway with an open upper deck was inaugurated in 2012 and has suspension and traction ropes on both sides of the cabins. And the floor area is equipped with stabilizers to compensate for the swinging – an innovation. This is the reason why you have the feeling of floating. On the upper deck, you get that “convertible feeling” when the wind blows through your hair.

At the summit, 1900 meters above sea level, you can enjoy an unobstructed view of 100 km of the Alps and ten Swiss lakes.

Escape from everyday life at 1,900 meters above sea level

It’s not just the ride that’s an experience – at 1,900 meters above sea level, you have various opportunities to relax and laze around. Enjoy the view of the Alps, ten lakes or marvel at the fascinating flora and fauna. The Stanserhorn rangers will help you spot the marmots and show you where the eagle flies its circles.

CabriO train with open upper deck

CabriO train with open upper deck

More active guests have a selection of different hiking trails to choose from. The well-marked trails offer something for every level of difficulty – from the 30-minute summit circuit to the 4-hour hike from Stans to the Stanserhorn.

You can also take a shorter descent: get an adrenaline kick with a paragliding or delta flight.

Once around its own axis

Enjoy the Stanserhorn Älplermagronen, famous far beyond the canton’s borders, in the revolving restaurant Rondorama and be amazed by the ever-changing view.

Special culinary evenings and events are held regularly on the Stanserhorn.

Round trail in the marmot park

An impressive experience awaits children in the Murmelipark. On the way to the summit at the Delta starting point, several marmots can be seen playing and running around. There are also numerous information boards for adults with interesting facts about the geology and botany of the area. Afterwards, you can explore the alpine flora together on the 30-minute circular trail.

Marmots on the Stanserhorn

Marmots on the Stanserhorn

The rangers will be happy to show you where the most beautiful flowers grow or where the eagle flies its circles. From the Eagle’s Nest and the Adlerfluh, you will be enchanted by the wonderful view towards Obwalden and the Bernese Alps.

All-round catering in the revolving restaurant

Now it’s time to visit the revolving restaurant. In 43 minutes, the round platform rotates once around its own axis, inviting you to take a culinary “panoramic tour”. The terraces around the restaurant are shaped like stars and also offer an unobstructed panoramic view thanks to their tiered levels.

The self-service buffet speaks for itself with a rich selection of hand-picked ingredients from Switzerland and the Alpine region and forms the soul of our offer. For those who prefer grilled bratwurst or cervelat, there are two fireplaces on the Stanserhorn. Sustainable and regional food culture is our credo.

Hike to the Wirzweli tobogganing paradise

The Stanserhorn is also the ideal hiking mountain for all abilities. From the 30-minute summit circuit to the 4-hour hike from Stans to the Stanserhorn. There is a suitable mountain hike for everyone. However, we recommend the route from the Stanserhorn to Wirzweli for families with children aged 6 and over who enjoy hiking and tobogganing. After all, the toboggan run there will not only make children’s hearts beat faster!

From the Stanserhorn, you head to the “Chli Horn” and then on towards the Wirzwelibahn mountain station. From there, you curve downhill at 535 meters and are pulled back to the starting point by the elevator after the tobogganing fun. Insider tip: Extend the hike with the path along the “upper Chneu” to Wiesenberg. Maybe you’ll hear one of the famous Wiesenberg yodelers somewhere along the way?

Video The mountain the Swiss don’t want you to know about! 🇨🇭 Stanserhorn travel guide

The Stanserhorn is a mountain in the Swiss Alps. It is mainly known by locals and offers great views of the surrounding mountains such as Pilatus, Rigi, Titlis and Jungfrau and has a unique open-air cable car to take you up. The Stanserhorn is located above the Swiss town of Stans in the canton of Nidwalden.

The mountain, the Swiss don't want you to know about! 🇨🇭 Stanserhorn Travel Guide

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