World record Titlis cable car – 360° panoramic adventure

Highlights Lake Lucerne Region

The Titlis is the highest excursion mountain in Central Switzerland and is known for its breathtaking glacier landscapes. The Titlis-Rotair cable car is the world’s first rotating cable car and offers a 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains during the 7-minute ride. At the summit at 3,238 m, visitors will find the glacier garden, the ice cave and the highest suspension bridge in Europe, the “Titlis Cliff Walk”.

Lucerne with Chapel Bridge and Water Tower

Lucerne with Chapel Bridge and Water Tower

Lucerne is the starting point for many excursions

Among the most popular tourist destinations in Switzerland are the city of Lucerne, Lake Lucerne and the nearby mountains of Central Switzerland, such as the Titlis.

The small town of Lucerne on Lake Lucerne is known for its historic old town with the Chapel Bridge and the water tower. The city offers a variety of cultural attractions such as the Richard Wagner Museum, the Swiss Museum of Transport and the KKL Luzern, as well as outdoor activities such as boat trips, hiking and skiing in the nearby mountain region.

From Lucerne to the Titlis

In less than 45 minutes from Lucerne, you can reach the valley station of the Titlisbahn in Engelberg. You can either take the train from Lucerne to Engelberg or drive by car. The valley station of the Titlisbahn is within walking distance of the center of Engelberg.

By car

Take the A2 to the Stans Süd exit and from there continue on the main road to Engelberg. Parking lot directly at the TITLIS valley station.

By train

The Zentralbahn takes you directly from Lucerne to Engelberg. The journey takes around 45 minutes. From Engelberg train station to the TITLIS valley station is a 10-minute walk or a convenient free bus ride.

Titlis-Express gondola lift

Titlis-Express gondola lift

Titlis Express gondola lift

The Titlis-Xpress gondola lift is part of the Titlisbahn and takes visitors from Engelberg to the Stand intermediate station at an altitude of 2,428 meters. The gondola lift has a capacity of 2,400 people per hour and offers a comfortable and fast way to climb the mountain.

From the intermediate station, visitors can transfer to the next cable car to reach the summit of the Titlis or enjoy various activities in the surrounding area, such as snowshoeing or tobogganing.

The gondola lift is part of the extensive ski area on the Titlis and operates all year round.

Titlis Rotair with 360° rotating view

At the intermediate station Stand, you change to the Titlis Rotair, which takes you to your unforgettable glacier experience. It is the world’s first rotating aerial cableway and offers visitors a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountain landscape during the seven-minute ride. The cabin slowly rotates on its own axis, allowing passengers to enjoy a 360-degree view of the landscape. Once at the summit, visitors have access to the glacier garden, the ice cave and the highest suspension bridge in Europe, the “Titlis Cliff Walk”.

The world record-breaking Titlis Rotair cable car is a technical masterpiece and guarantees visitors an unforgettable adventure with views in all directions of snow-covered mountain peaks, steep rock faces and deep crevasses.

Glacier fun

As soon as you have solid ground under your feet again, the fun and amazement continue. Discover the glacier grotto and be impressed by the mass of ice and the beautiful ice sculptures. Or grab a sliding device such as an inflated rubber ring and race down the slope.

Fun for the whole family is pre-programmed here. Whether with snow tubes, balancers or snake gliss, there is a suitable slide for everyone – not just for children, of course, but also for adults. First, you take the Ice-Flyer, a chairlift, over the glacier and look down into crevasses up to ten meters deep.

Titlis glacier experience

Titlis glacier experience

Glacier grotto

The glacier grotto lies in a soft, turquoise-blue twilight. The air is so cold that small white clouds appear when you breathe out.

Experience the blue wonder! In the glacier cave you can experience the frosty heart of the TITLIS. The ice in here is up to 5,000 years old.

The cave’s 150-metre-long corridor takes you ten meters below the surface of the glacier. The exploration tour through the glacier grotto is very impressive. The temperature in the grotto is a constant frosty -1.5 degrees Celsius.

You can easily reach the grotto via a corridor from the first level of the TITLIS mountain station.

Titlis Cliff Walk

Titlis Cliff Walk

Titlis Cliff Walk

3041 meters altitude. 500 meters abyss. 150 heart-stopping steps.

The Titlis Cliff Walk is the highest suspension bridge in Europe and one of the main attractions on the Titlis. The bridge is 100 meters long and is located at an altitude of 3,041 meters above sea level. It is attached to a rock and offers visitors a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding glaciers and mountains. The Titlis Cliff Walk is a challenge for visitors with a head for heights and an unforgettable experience for adventure seekers. The bridge is open all year round, except in strong winds or extreme weather conditions.

But Engelberg-Titlis is not just for short fun – in winter you can also enjoy a long day of skiing or other winter sports activities. And in summer, scooter biking, kayaking, hiking, biking and countless other experiences await:

Titli’s summer experience

  • Hikes and nature experiences for young and old
  • TITLIS Adventure Park – Adrenalin pur
  • Zipline Trübsee Flyer – panoramic flight
  • Mountain biking – whether downhill or leisurely
  • Rowing across the Trübsee
  • With Trotti Bike on the descent

Titlis winter experience

  • Skiing from the glacier to the village
  • Sledging fun for young and old
  • Titlis SnowXPark – go-kart track on snow
  • Winter hike through snowy landscapes and pine forests
  • Snowshoeing through snow-covered landscapes

Video of the Titlis Rotair

Be inspired by this technical masterpiece…

TITLIS Rotair – the world's first revolving cable car! | Engelberg Switzerland

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Video Titlis Cliff Walk

Experience a virtual walk over the Titlis Cliff Walk, Europe’s highest suspension bridge at 3,041 m on the Titlis…

Cliff Walk at Mt Titlis

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