Corviglia – St. Moritz’s local mountain

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The people of St. Moritz proudly refer to Corviglia as their local mountain, situated at the foot of their village. And they have every reason to, as the Corviglia is famous and popular with winter sports enthusiasts and active holidaymakers alike. As an Eldorado for summer and winter sports enthusiasts, it is now one of the most famous sports mountains in the world!

St. Moritz’s local mountain Corviglia

Corviglia sits on the eastern slopes of Piz Nair, offering a stunning view of St. Moritz in the canton of Graubünden. Positioned between the Schlattain (Val Saluver) and the Ovel da la Resgia rivers, it stands at an altitude of 2,486 m. The area is primarily accessed from the town via the St. Moritz–Corviglia funicular, with connections through Chantarella. Additionally, an aerial tramway ascends to Piz Nair (3,057 m (10,030 ft)), unloading slightly below its summit.

The St. Moritz’s local mountain Corviglia is 2,486 m high and can be reached by funicular from St. Moritz. Winter tourism began on the Corviglia sports mountain more than 150 years ago. The funicular railroad, built in 1928, starts in St. Moritz village and takes you to the top of the mountain. Once at the top, there is a spectacular view of the Engadin valley and the surrounding mountains. The mountain is recommended for hikers, mountain bikers and, in winter, skiers and snowboarders.

Biggest ski resort in Engadin

Known as the ski area above St. Moritz, Corviglia, combined with the integrated Marguns area above Celerina, forms the largest skiing area in the Engadin. It hosted the alpine skiing events during the 1948 Winter Olympics and the World Championships in 1974 and 2003.

The facts speak for themselves

Experience the thrill of skiing on the legendary slopes of Corviglia, where 24 lifts await to whisk you away to 38 slopes spanning 155 kilometers. With trails marked in blue, red, and black, there’s something for every level of skier or snowboarder.

But Corviglia is more than just numbers. It’s a place rich in winter sports history, having hosted five World Ski Championships and the 1948 Winter Olympics. Corviglia is at the top of ski resorts worldwide, thanks to its exceptional slopes.

From beginners to experts, everyone can find their perfect run amidst the stunning alpine scenery. With elevations ranging from 1800 to over 3000 meters, snow is virtually guaranteed, ensuring a memorable skiing experience for all.

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Summer on Corviglia St. Moritz…

Engadin | Corviglia Sommer 2020

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Video Winter in Corviglia and Muottas Muragl, St. Moritz

Enjoy the Winter on the Slopes of Corviglia…

Winter in Corviglia and Muottas Muragl, St. Moritz (2)

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