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On our luxury travel packages (GOLDEN and DIAMANT) in St. Moritz, you can choose between a mountain train ride up Muottas Muragl, Corviglia, Piz Corvatsch or Piz Nair. Accessible from St. Moritz via the Chantarella-Corviglia funicular or the Signal cable car, Piz Nair is a popular destination for hikers and nature lovers.

Our tip: Visit Piz Nair before sunrise: take the first cable car to the summit early in the morning and experience the spectacular sunrise over the Engadin Alps. This experience offers unforgettable views and a tranquil, magical atmosphere that few tourists enjoy.

Piz Nair: majestic ibex and panorama of the Upper Engadine

The majestic ibex sits on the summit of Piz Nair and observes the breathtaking panorama of the Upper Engadine as it bows its head.

From the center of St. Moritz, take the Chantarella-Corviglia funicular or the Signal cable car from St. Moritz Bad to Corviglia. From there, another cable car takes you up to an altitude of 3056 m to the Piz Nair mountain station.

Piz Nair panoramic mountain

Piz Nair panoramic mountain

The panoramic mountain of St. Moritz

The Piz Nair is a popular panoramic mountain in St. Moritz and has an altitude of 3,056 m. On Piz Nair you can enjoy a dream view of the Engadin lake landscape. The municipal boundaries of St. Moritz and Celerina meet right at the summit.

Piz Nair is part of the Albula Alps and belongs to the Piz Ot group. The area is accessible via a dense network of hiking trails.

Its neighboring peaks include the Piz Ot (3247 m), the Piz Saluver (3160 m), the Piz Corviglia (3059 m), the Piz Grisch (3098 m), the Piz Bever (3229 m), the Piz Suvretta (3143 m), the Corn Suvretta (3071 m), the Piz Julier (3380 m) and the Piz Albana (3098 m).

The mountain lakes Lej Suvretta (2602 m), Lej da la Pêsch (2750 m) and Lej Alv (2532 m) are located in the immediate vicinity of Piz Nair. Piz Nair is surrounded to the north-west and south-west by the Suvretta da Samedan and Suvretta da San Murezzan Alps, between which lies the Suvretta Pass (2613 m). The valley basin between Piz Nair and Piz Suvretta offers an easy crossing from St. Moritz/Champfèr (1825 m) into Val Bever.

The Matterhorn (4478 m) in the Valais Alps is the furthest point visible from Piz Nair. It lies to the west and is 174 km away.

Geologically, the region offers a great deal of variety for mountain hikers and climbers. In winter, skiing and snowboarding are popular sports on Piz Nair. Piz Nair is also home to the highest ski area mountain station (3,030 m) on the Corviglia. The start of the men’s downhill at the 1948 Olympic Games took place at 2,700 m on Piz Nair.

Ibexes with alpine panorama

Ibexes with alpine panorama

Clean Energy Tour

On the “Clean Energy Tour” between Piz Nair and St. Moritz, the “Energy from water, sun, wind and biomass” project is presented in detail.

The Clean Energy St. Moritz-Graubünden overall energy project is the first Alpine vacation and sports destination in the world to consistently promote the use of renewable energies and efficient energy use: The consumption of fossil fuels (heating oil, petrol and diesel) and electricity is to be reduced and replaced by renewable, locally generated energy such as water, sun, geothermal energy and biomass.

The Clean Energy St. Moritz-Graubünden association was founded after the Year of the Mountains 2002, eco-tourism 2002 and the Alpine World Ski Championships 2003 inspired the vision for this sustainable initiative.

Piz Nair Sunrise

Early risers can experience the breathtaking spectacle at over 3,000 meters above sea level at the Piz Nair Sunrise. Whether mountain bikers, hikers, romantics or sports enthusiasts – the sunrise in the Engadin is an experience for everyone.

The mountain railroads take participants to the summit of Piz Nair before dawn, where a sumptuous breakfast buffet is served in the summit restaurant while enjoying the spectacular sunrise. Afterwards, you can either get active on the biking and hiking trails on Corviglia or continue to enjoy the morning and take the cable car back down later. The experience is open to everyone.

Find out more at: PIZ NAIR SUNRISE

Video Piz Nair Sunrise

Experience the fantastic spectacle at over 3,000 meters…

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