St. Alban quarter – Little Venice

Basel Region

St. Alban is a unique quarter in the enchanting city of Basel. It is located in the south-east of Grossbasel and is bordered by the districts of Breite (St. Alban-Teich), Bruderholz (Reinacherstrasse), Gundeldingen (Bahnhofareal, Reinacherstrasse), Am Ring (Elisabethenanlage) and the suburbs (St. Alban-Anlage, Aeschengraben).

Discovering Basel’s Green Oasis: Exploring the St. Alban Quarter

The St. Alban quarter is characterized by its exquisite charm and lush green spaces, which is why it is considered one of the most elegant and greenest areas in Basel. There are numerous villa districts here, which were once and still are inhabited by prestigious and wealthy Basel families.

This district is a place of romance, amazement, mystery and legendary stories. The lovingly restored streets and buildings are criss-crossed by small canals and are a real insider tip.

History and the present, traditional crafts and early industrial buildings, old half-timbered houses and modern architecture are combined here. The medieval paper mill and the renowned Museum of Contemporary Art are located here. The St. Alban quarter offers you the opportunity to experience life in the city, both in the past and today, in a unique way.

Little Venice of Basel

St. Alban ferry "Wild Maa"

St. Alban ferry “Wild Maa”

The St. Alban quarter is also known as the “Little Venice of Basel” due to the small canals that run through the quarter and are reminiscent of the canals in Venice. These waterways lend the quarter a picturesque and romantic character reminiscent of the famous Italian city.

The canals in the St. Alban quarter have historical significance, as they were once used for industrial purposes. In the past, they served as waterways for the paper mills and other production facilities located there. Today, they are a charming feature of the district and contribute to its unique atmosphere.

The name “Little Venice” thus refers to the similarity of the water landscape to the famous city in Italy and underlines the special charm of the St. Alban quarter. It is another feature that makes this district a popular destination for visitors and residents who want to be enchanted by its magical atmosphere.

Immerse yourself and let yourself be enchanted by its harmonious atmosphere!

Video St. Alban Tor Park to St. Alban Valley

We walk together from St. Alban Park to St. Alban Tal Strasse in the direction of Papier Mühle.

St. Alban Tor Park bis St. Alban Tal 🇨🇭Basel. #4k

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Video Basel (Switzerland) [2020] | EPIC drone in 4K

Basel (Switzerland) [2020] | EPIC Drone in 4K

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