Matterhorn Glacier Ride – cable car of superlatives


Adventure and luxury in a class of its own: take the Matterhorn Glacier Ride, Europe’s most luxurious cable car, up to the Klein Matterhorn at 3,883 m with a view of the fascinating mountain world surrounding the legendary Matterhorn.

Matterhorn Glacier Ride – the ultimate thrill experience

Matterhorn Glacier Ride I

Matterhorn Glacier Ride I

You’ve come to the right place, because the world’s highest 3S cable car awaits you in the high alpine mountain world around the Matterhorn! The Matterhorn Glacier Ride takes you from Trockener Steg to the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise (Klein Matterhorn) at 3,883 m. The cable car impresses with numerous superlatives and special features: Climb into one of the panoramic cabins designed by Pininfarina, sit in one of the heated seats and enjoy the 9-minute ride through the fascinating mountain world surrounding the legendary Matterhorn. Once you arrive at your destination, the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is a unique excursion mountain with exciting attractions – accessible all year round.

The design comes from Italian star designer Paolo Pininfarina, a scion of the legendary Pininfarina designer family, which has been creating luxury sports cars for more than 85 years.

Modern technology combined with top international design

3S stands for “3-cableway system”, which is used on the Matterhorn Glacier Ride cable car. The 3S system is a modern ropeway technology in which three suspension ropes are used to transport the cabins. Two of the suspension ropes are responsible for the stability of the cabins, while the third rope acts as the drive rope. This technology enables a higher transport capacity, larger spans and higher speeds compared to conventional ropeway systems. The Matterhorn Glacier Ride cable car is one of the longest 3S cable cars in the world and connects Zermatt with the Matterhorn glacier paradise at an altitude of 3,883 meters.

Since 2018, the world’s highest tricable gondola lift has been leading up the mountain to the Alpine paradise. The four “Crystal ride” cabins with Swarovski crystals are the highlight of the modern lift.

Crystal Ride Cabins

The Crystal Ride cabins of the Matterhorn Glacier Ride are decorated inside and out with thousands and thousands of crystals and are among the first and only of their kind in the world. But that’s not all. The cabins are also equipped with a glass floor, which becomes transparent after a 3-minute ride and gives you a view of the glacier 170 meters below in a matter of seconds.


  • Thrill factor glass floor – 170 meters above the abyss
  • Feel like a star: exclusive design with crystals inside and outside the cabin
  • No queuing – express access at the valley station

Video TD28 Matterhorn glacier ride Zermatt (CH)

After two and a half years of construction, the highly technically demanding tricable gondola lift to the Klein Matterhorn was opened on 29 September. Those responsible for the project will remember it as a particularly challenging time, which put man and material to an extraordinary test.

TD28 Matterhorn glacier ride Zermatt (CH)

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