Lausanne – Olympic capital

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Lausanne, the second largest city on the shores of Lake Geneva, offers a unique combination of business dynamism and the ambience of a vacation resort. As the capital of the canton of Vaud, it not only shines as a vibrant university city, but is also a preferred destination for congresses and conferences.

Lausanne Cathedral

Lausanne Cathedral

Local Court of Lausanne

Local Court of Lausanne

In the city of the Olympic Games, the focus is equally on sport and culture, which gives it an unmistakable charm. The impressive architecture, picturesque landscape and rich cultural heritage contribute to making Lausanne a versatile and vibrant metropolis.

Nestled in a picturesque landscape, Lausanne has long attracted visitors with its unique location. It is no wonder that the International Olympic Committee has had its headquarters here since 1914. The city is enthroned on three hills, surrounded by rolling vineyards, while Lake Geneva glistens at its feet.

Chateau d'Ouchy, Lausanne

Chateau d’Ouchy, Lausanne

Lausanne Port

Lausanne Port

On the opposite French side, the imposing Savoy Alps rise majestically.

The old town of Lausanne is a real gem, largely car-free and characterized by a charming network of small alleyways, cafés and boutiques. The cathedral dominates the cityscape here and is considered the most impressive early Gothic building in Switzerland. Lausanne was an important episcopal see for over a millennium, and its historical significance is palpable in the atmosphere of the city.

Sauvabelin Tower

Sauvabelin Tower

The Rôtillon and Flon districts are home to beautiful shopping streets that invite you to stroll and explore. A special attraction is the only “metro” in Switzerland, which connects the lakeshore in the north of the city with other parts and allows you to explore Lausanne quickly.

In addition to its historical treasures, Lausanne also offers parks with a southern flair and magnificent palace hotels such as the Beau-Rivage Palace in Ouchy, Chateau d’Ouchy or the Hotel de l’Angleterre, where famous personalities such as Lord Byron once stayed. These places exude a timeless elegance and invite you to immerse yourself in a world of luxury and charm.

Overall, Lausanne is a fascinating city that delights visitors with its rich history, breathtaking natural scenery and unique flair. Whether for sport, culture, shopping or simply relaxing in idyllic surroundings, Lausanne has something to offer every visitor.

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