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Zurich Zoo, located on the Zürichberg in the Fluntern district, is Zurich’s zoological garden. Since its opening in 1929, it has offered visitors the opportunity to experience a fascinating variety of animals. With over 4,500 animals from 375 different species, Zoo Zurich is one of the most important zoos in Switzerland.

Zurich Zoo Monkeys

Zurich Zoo Monkeys

From Past to Present: Zurich Zoo’s Evolution into a Conservation Powerhouse

Alongside Zoo Basel and Nature and Animal Park Goldau, it is one of the oldest zoos in the country. Here, visitors can not only admire the beauty of the animal world, but also contribute to species conservation and raise awareness of the importance of wildlife.

In 2006, Zurich Zoo covered an area of just under 15 hectares, which was expanded to 28 hectares by 2020. More than 4500 animals from 375 species find a home here. In recent years, the number of species and individuals has been reduced in favor of larger enclosures. The zoo is one of the most visited and most important sights in Zurich.

A Journey into the Heart of Nature: Exploring Zurich Zoo’s Exotic Habitats

With its live animals, Zurich Zoo conveys the diversity, beauty and vulnerability of nature. Visitors can experience a fascinating encounter with the animal world and learn about nature conservation, species preservation and ecological relationships. The zoo is also actively involved in various international species conservation projects and thus contributes to the preservation of endangered species.

Zurich Zoo is more than just a place of entertainment – it is an important cultural and educational institution that acts as a mediator between humans, animals and nature. Here, visitors can experience exotic animal species in natural habitats with all their senses.

Daily changing animal presentations, offers from the volunteer team and informative exhibitions provide insights into the life of the animals and their natural habitat.

King penguin

King penguin

Zurich Zoo is also actively committed to nature and species conservation and is involved in eight conservation projects worldwide.

Experience the Wonders of Masoala and Kaeng Krachan at Zurich Zoo!

Particularly impressive are the spacious facilities at the zoo, such as the 11,000 square meter tropical Masoala Rainforest for animals and plants from Madagascar, the equally large Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park for Asian elephants and, since 2020, the 5.6 hectare African Lewa Savannah, which provides a home for giraffes, rhinos and other animal species.

We recommend using public transport to get here.

Before visiting, it’s worth taking a look at the daily events calendar on the zoo website and downloading the free zoo app on your smartphone to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Video Zurich Zoo

Embark on an adventurous journey through the zoo…

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Zurich Zoo video: Penguin parade

In winter, from November to March, when the thermometer falls below 10°C, the penguin parade takes place daily at Zurich Zoo.

Zoo Zürich: Pinguinparade

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