Adrenaline and Prestige: The Fascination of White Turf St. Moritz


International Horse Races at White Turf St. Moritz: On February 4th, 11th, and 18th, Lake St. Moritz becomes a dynamic international center. Renowned jockeys and their noble thoroughbreds grace the racecourse, offering thrilling gallops alongside the exclusive spectacle of skijoring.

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White Turf - International Horse Race

White Turf – International Horse Race

Each winter, the Engadin mountains welcome over 30,000 enthusiasts eager to immerse themselves in the exhilarating ambiance of the horse races on Lake St. Moritz. Across three Sundays in February, international professional jockeys navigate their spirited mounts across the snow, igniting an atmosphere charged with anticipation and thrill.

However, it’s the skijöring event that steals the spotlight—a breathtaking display of skill and daring unique to St. Moritz. Here, competitors on skis are towed by riderless thoroughbreds, hurtling at speeds of up to 50 km/h along the 2,700-meter course. It’s a spectacle that demands courage, finesse, and unwavering strength.

Speed on Snow: White Turf St. Moritz – A Winter Highlight of the Highest Caliber

The White Turf event transforms the lakeside into a sprawling tent city, spanning an impressive 130,000 square meters. Within its confines, guests of all ages are treated to an array of attractions, from live musical performances and gastronomic delights to boutique shopping and dedicated children’s areas. Amidst this vibrant setting, a colorful mix of horse aficionados, jockeys, trainers, owners, and curious onlookers converge, creating a tapestry of excitement and glamour that elevates the event to the pinnacle of the winter season.

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Video Highlights of White Turf in St Moritz Switzerland

Highlights of White Turf in St Moritz Switzerland. Snippets of the action with the races, the skijörking, the atmosphere on the frozen lake of St Moritz in Graubünden.

Highlights of White Turf in St Moritz Switzerland,

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