Valais raclette and fondue

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Valais RACLETTE is a delicious cheese dish with deep roots in the Alpine culinary tradition. This fine treat is a convivial meal that is often enjoyed in the company of family and friends. The main ingredient of raclette is melted cheese, typically from the Valais, which is poured over potatoes, pickled onions and pickled gherkins.

Valais raclette

Valais raclette

Wallis raclette with Valais wine

The cheese for raclette is melted in special pans placed under a heater. The melting process is a feast for the senses as the cheese slowly melts and forms a tantalizing golden crust.

The melted cheese layer is then poured directly over the prepared potatoes and garnishes, creating a delicious blend of creamy texture and savory flavor.

Wallis raclette is often accompanied by a good drop of Valais wine to complete the culinary experience. This convivial meal is often eaten in winter, when the temperatures drop and a hearty meal warms the soul.

Valais fondue as another cheese delicacy

Valais Fondue

Valais Fondue

The FONDUE is another gastronomic jewel of Switzerland, embodying conviviality and conviviality. Cheese is melted in a special fondue pot, often in combination with white wine and garlic. The resulting mixture forms a creamy, tantalizing consistency.

The real pleasure of fondue lies in the communal preparation and the dipping of pieces of bread into the melted cheese mixture. The small forks used to spear the bread allow for playful sharing and dipping into the delicious cheese.

Fondue evenings are a popular social activity in the cold season, when people gather around the fondue pot and engage in lively conversation. Fondue is also accompanied by a typical Valais white wine.

Both dishes, raclette and fondue, represent not only the richness of Swiss cuisine, but also the communal joy of eating that is rooted in the breathtaking mountains of Valais.

Video Cheesy Delight: How to Prepare an Authentic Swiss Raclette

Say Switzerland and one of the things that’ll probably spring to mind, as well as mountains, Alpine pastures and chocolate, is cheese. Aside from fondue, another popular dish in the country is raclette, a dish made mainly of cheese and potatoes. Find out how an authentic Swiss raclette is prepared and why there’s no tabletop grill involved!

Cheesy Delight: How to Prepare an Authentic Swiss Raclette

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