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Valais dried meat, also known as “Viande Séchée”, is a tasty meat specialty and delicacy from the Canton of Valais. This dish has its roots in the traditions of the Alpine region and is made from lean beef. The dried meat is sliced very thinly.

Valais dried meat - Viande Séchée

Valais dried meat – Viande Séchée

Taste the Alps: Exploring Valais Dried Meat, a Savory Specialty

The selected piece of meat is marinated with a special spice mixture of salt, pepper and other aromatic ingredients. The meat is then dried in the fresh mountain air for several weeks. This method gives the Wallis dried meat a unique texture and an intense aroma. The dried pieces of meat are then sliced wafer-thin and are ready to be served as a starter or hearty snack.

Swiss snack platter with Valais dried meat

Viande Séchée is a delight for the palate and also a symbol of the Valais people’s connection with nature and Alpine traditions. This delicate dried meat is often part of traditional Swiss snack platters, which are combined with cheese, bread and pickled vegetables.

Valais rye bread

Valais rye bread

Valais rye bread

Valais RYE BREAD is a dark, hearty bread that has a firm place in Valais cuisine. Made from rye flour, this bread is characterized by its strong taste and dense texture. The production of this traditional bread often follows time-honored methods in which the dough has time to ferment and mature in order to develop its characteristic taste.

Valais rye bread is not only a tasty accompaniment to many dishes, but also an important part of the regional food culture. It is often served as an accompaniment to cheese, dried meat and other local specialties. The bread reflects the Valais people’s attachment to their agricultural roots and is an indispensable element in the diversity of Swiss bread traditions.

Video Gourmet Valais canapés

Looking for ideas for a tasty treat to serve guests at Christmas? These gourmet Valais canapés are perfect with a seasonal aperitif! Mauro Capelli, chef at the Restaurant du Théâtre in Monthey, has taken some of the iconic products of Valais including dried meat, cured bacon, Raclette cheese, apricots and rye bread to make an appetiser that is sure to make mouths water. Bon appétit!

Gourmet Valais canapés

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