Trachselwald Castle in the Emmental


Trachselwald Castle, a venerable 13th century fortress, rises majestically on a picturesque hill in the idyllic municipality of Trachselwald, very close to Sumiswald. Originally built as a defensive structure by the brave barons, the castle now has a new role as a living monument to the Peasants’ War and a nationally significant architectural gem.

Visitors have the fantastic opportunity to visit the castle free of charge and immerse themselves in times gone by. It offers fascinating insights into the life of the Anabaptists, the events of the Peasants’ War and the tragic persecution of the Anabaptists. The history is brought to life in a small but impressive exhibition that takes visitors on an impressive journey with informative panels and interactive audio stations.

During the tour of the castle, visitors can admire the impressive architecture and enjoy the unique ambience. From the mighty walls to the carefully restored rooms, the atmosphere of times gone by is palpable. You can immerse yourself in the world of the brave barons and historical events as you wander through the corridors and rooms of the castle.

The Trachselwald Castle in the Bernese Midlands is not only a place of historical heritage, but also a place of encounter and exchange. There are regular events, guided tours and cultural activities that appeal to visitors of all ages. This creates a lively link between past and present, making the castle a place that invites visitors to reflect, learn and experience.

A visit to Trachselwald Castle is therefore an unforgettable experience for all history buffs and culture enthusiasts. It is a journey into the past that not only provides informative insights, but also pays tribute to the beauty and significance of this remarkable building. Immerse yourself in history, explore the secrets of the castle and let yourself be enchanted by its unique atmosphere.

Video Trachselwald Castle |Emmental | Bern | Switzerland | Livestory | Swiss View

Schloss Trachselwald |Emmental | Bern | Switzerland | Livestory | Swiss View

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Video of Trachselwald Castle in the Emmental

Schloss Trachselwald im Emmental

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