Discovering Lake Lucerne by Steamboat

Lake Lucerne Region

Embark on a steamboat cruise of enchantment as you explore the dreamy bays and dramatic, fjord-like rock faces that grace the shores of Lake Lucerne. Feel the thrill of gliding through deep blue, crystal-clear waters, with snow-capped peaks towering majestically in the background, painting a picture-perfect scene straight out of a fairytale.

Lake Lucerne, nestled amidst the Swiss Alps, offers a spectacle of unparalleled beauty and tranquility. The stunning contrast between the rugged cliffs and the serene waters creates a captivating ambiance that will leave you spellbound.

As you cruise along the lake’s pristine surface, let yourself be swept away by the emotions evoked by the breathtaking scenery unfolding before your eyes. Immerse yourself in the magic of this alpine paradise and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Note: The visit of Lucerne and a steamboat cruise is part of our Luxury Tours Switzerland.

Steamboat Stadt Luzern

Steamboat Stadt Luzern

A trip to Central Switzerland is only complete when you take a boat trip on Lake Lucerne. Whether you choose a picturesque trip with lunch on board the modern MS Diamant or a romantic sunset cruise on an antique paddle steamer – it’s an unmissable experience.

The mountains of Central Switzerland can also be perfectly explored from the water. Take the boat from Lucerne to Vitznau, change there to the cogwheel railroad and travel up to the Rigi. From there, you can soon enjoy the breathtaking view over Lake Lucerne.

Experience Switzerland’s rich history in style on board one of the five Art Nouveau paddle steamers, where you can feel the country’s origins up close. Lake Lucerne impresses with its scenic beauty, the branching waterways and undoubtedly the masterfully restored paddle steamers, which are over a hundred years old.

Steamship Schiller

Steamship Schiller

The Lake Lucerne Navigation Company operates five nostalgic paddle steamers, each of which has its own charm: the oldest, “Uri”, the youngest, “Stadt Luzern”, the fastest, “Gallia”, and the “Schiller”, which is considered particularly elegantly designed by shipping enthusiasts. The “Unterwalden”, undoubtedly also a jewel, was allowed to present its engine at the 1899 World Exhibition in Paris even before it was installed!

Steamboat GALLIA on Lake Lucerne

The steamboat “Gallia” made its first voyage in 1913 and has embodied the tradition and elegance of bygone times on Lake Lucerne ever since. As the jewel of the Lake Lucerne Navigation Company (SGV) AG, it takes travelers back to an era in which elegance and sophistication were of particular importance. This ship is not only a historical relic, but also a living symbol of the splendor and charm of past decades.

Nostalgic drive steamship Gallia

Nostalgic drive steamship Gallia

The “Gallia” underlines its elegant charisma with an impressive 63 meters in length. The magnificent design of the ship, decorated with fine wood and loving details, conveys the magic of times gone by. With room for up to 700 guests on board, the steamboat offers a completely new way of experiencing the beauty of Lake Lucerne from a unique perspective.

The choice of the name “Gallia” carries a special meaning. It is reminiscent of the Latin word for “Gaul”, a historical region that encompassed parts of modern-day France, Switzerland and Italy. This name combines different cultures and aspects of history, which fits perfectly with the diverse atmosphere of Lake Lucerne.

The “Gallia” is not only a visual masterpiece, but also a witness to the technical innovations of past decades. The fusion of historic steam technology with modern service makes every trip on the “Gallia” an experience that delights both nostalgics and adventure-seekers alike.

Video steamboat GALLIA 🇨🇭 on Lake Lucerne

The steamboat “Gallia” first set sail in 1913 and has embodied the tradition and elegance of bygone times on Lake Lucerne ever since. This pearl of the Lake Lucerne Navigation Company (SGV) AG is a real gem that transports travelers back to an era in which elegance and sophistication were of particular importance.

The elegant appearance of the “Gallia” is emphasized by its impressive length of 63 metres. The splendid design of the ship with fine wooden decorations and loving details conveys the charm of days gone by. The steamboat offers space for up to 700 guests, who are welcomed on board to experience the beauty of Lake Lucerne from a completely new perspective.

Dampfschiff GALLIA 🇨🇭 auf dem Vierwaldstättersee

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Video steamboat STADT LUZERN

The majestic steamboat “Stadt Luzern” sails proudly on Lake Lucerne as a living tribute to the rich history of this region. Commissioned in 1928, it is not only the largest of the five paddle steamers operated by Schifffahrtsgesellschaft des Vierwaldstättersees (SGV) AG, but also a symbol of the connection between modern technology and the nostalgic aesthetics of times gone by.

Dampfschiff STADT LUZERN 🇨🇭

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