St. Peter’s Island – jewel in Lake Biel

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St. Peter’s Island, a jewel in Lake Biel in the Bernese Seeland, is the only island in this region of Switzerland. It is located in the south-west of the lake near Erlach and has been connected to the mainland by a shallow land connection since the second half of the 19th century, making it a peninsula. However, the headland is separated from the mainland by an artificial passage near the port of Erlach, which is passable for boats.

The St. Peter’s Island invites you to relax with its reed beds, vines and small sandy beaches. Even Rousseau could not resist its charm and sought refuge on the island. Take some time out and treat yourself to regional delicacies and excellent Lake Biel wine in the restaurant. You can reach the island either by boat from Biel or from one of the charming wine-growing villages. Active visitors can also reach the island on foot or by bike via the Heidenweg trail from Erlach.

Enjoy the idyllic atmosphere of St. Peter’s Island, surrounded by the beauty of Lake Biel. Whether you opt for a relaxing break on the beach, a culinary treat in the restaurant or an active excursion on the hiking and cycling trails, the island offers you a diverse experience. Immerse yourself in the nature and history of this special place, which has been inspiring people with its incomparable flair for centuries.

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St. Petersinsel im Bielersee

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