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The sun-drenched winegrowing village of Saint-Saphorin is picturesquely situated on the shores of Lake Geneva, nestled in the terraced vineyards of Lavaux, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Saint-Saphorin village in Lavaux

Saint-Saphorin village in Lavaux

Located in the middle of the vineyards of Lavaux and at the foot of Mont Pèlerin, the idyllic winegrowing village of Saint-Saphorin enchants its visitors. The history of the village is marked by landslides, which once posed a threat. As a protective measure, the authorities decided to erect arcades on which the facades of the houses were built. For this reason, Saint-Saphorin is also known as a fortified village.

The village center is characterized by narrow alleyways and cobbled paths. The characteristic winegrowers’ houses and simple residential buildings are lined up along these alleyways. The colorful plastered facades are symmetrical and give the houses their special charm. The central village square, also known as “Place du Peuplier” (Poplar Square), is home to important buildings such as the Reformed church with its bell tower and the “Auberge de l’Onde” inn. This square is also the scene of numerous festivities, including spring, grape harvest and Christmas celebrations. At the lower end of the village is the harbor, which is separated from the lake by the railroad line.

Saint-Saphorin has attracted many artists over the years and has become a small cultural center. One of Vaud’s most famous chansonniers, Jean Villard, better known as Gilles, for example, lived in this charming village.

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LAVAUX Vineyards
Explore the terraced vineyards of Lavaux. One of the five Vaudois wine regions, the UNESCO “Lavaux” region (between Lausanne and Montreux). is undoubtedly the most spectacular. 830 hectares of terraced vineyards that stretch for about 30 km along the south-facing northern shores of Lake Geneva. Since July 2007, Lavaux is a UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

ST-SAPHORIN, MEMBER OF “THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLAGES IN SWITZERLAND”. The sunny winegrowing village of Saint-Saphorin lies on the shore of Lake Geneva, nestled among the terraced vineyards of Lavaux, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Saint-Saphorin Switzerland 4K, member of the most beautiful villages | EP01

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Video LAVAUX – Die Weinberg Terrassen der SCHWEIZ – Bezauberndes Dorf Saint-Saphorin – Genfersee Region

Wine Terraces? That already must sound fancy and remind you of Asian rice terraces! Well, if Asia is too far, then probably a trip to South Western Switzerland might be more convenient! The Lavaux are a landscape created by local men, which was recognized as UNESCO World Heritage! Over few tens of Kilometres you will pass by many vineyards and mediterranean-like villages. With Saint-Saphorin and Epesses, this region hosts two of Switzerland’s prettiest villages!

While Sain-Saphorin is located right at the bottom of the Lavaux it is just at the coast of world-famous Lake Geneva! This unique location, as well as the nice old houses make Saint-Saphorin to one most beautiful villages of Switzerland. A bit higher up in the middle of the Lavaux is Epesses, from where you nicely can oversee Lake Geneva. Epesses is a bit calmer than Saint-Saphorin, as there is no major traffic road. From Epesses, you can take many trails through the vineyards of the Lavaux and have some fantastic hikes. There are also a couple of wine cellars that you can visit. All in all, this area is one of the moste unique landscapes of all Switzerland!

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