Säntis – panoramic view over 6 countries

Highlights Eastern Switzerland

The Säntis, with a height of 2502 meters, towers as the highest mountain in the Alpstein range. Thanks to its exposed location in the north, it is a striking landmark that can be seen from far and wide. In the Black Forest or on the Swabian Alb, for example, you can find houses with the name “Säntisblick”, which refer to the imposing presence of this mountain.



From the summit of the Säntis, there is a breathtaking view of six countries: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy and France. This impressive panorama stretches over a long distance and allows visitors to admire the diversity and beauty of the surrounding regions.

Whether as a day trip or the highlight of a vacation in Eastern Switzerland: the panoramic view from 2,502 m above sea level will remain unforgettable. The panoramic view sweeps unhindered over 6 countries.

The backdrop of the Alpstein massif is breathtaking at any time of year. Young and old, hiking groups, mountaineers, families, pleasure hikers – everyone gets their money’s worth here!

The ascent to Säntis is accessible to both experienced mountaineers and less experienced hikers. There are various routes and ways to reach the summit, depending on personal fitness and preferences.

Along the way, you will be rewarded with an impressive alpine landscape characterized by steep rock faces, green alpine meadows and clear mountain lakes.

Säntis cable car

Säntis cable car

The Säntis summit plateau is also home to the Säntisgipfel Panorama Restaurant, which offers visitors a welcome opportunity to fortify themselves and enjoy the spectacular view. Here you can sample traditional Swiss dishes while gazing out over the impressive mountain scenery.

Säntis in summer

In summer, an incomparable hiking paradise awaits you – especially for Nordic walking enthusiasts.

In the Schwägalp/Säntis Nature Adventure Park and the Stone Park, you have the opportunity to explore the diverse world of pre-Alpine flora and fauna and discover the fascinating secrets of geology.

A special highlight is the Alpine cheese dairy, which gives you an insight into the traditional Appenzell cheese culture.

You can also meet people from all over the world on the spacious sun terrace of the Berghotel Schwägalp and enjoy the magnificent view.

Nature Adventure Park Schwägalp/Säntis

Immerse yourself in the fascinating natural landscape of the Schwägalp/Säntis Nature Adventure Park and discover its themed hiking trails. Wander through the history of mysterious moors, breathe in the fresh air of enchanting forests and observe rare animals and plants against one of the most impressive natural backdrops in Europe. With every step you take, you will learn more about life and culture in the Alps.



The park’s themed trails offer you insights into various aspects of the region. Immerse yourself in the history of the earth, explore Schwägalp’s 1000-year tradition as a pastureland, learn more about tourism and nature conservation and much more. These topics are vividly illustrated on richly illustrated boards along the trails for young and old explorers alike.

The Schwägalp/Säntis Nature Adventure Park is a paradise for nature lovers and offers a wide range of opportunities to explore and enjoy the unique beauty of the surroundings.

Be enchanted by the diversity of flora and fauna and immerse yourself in the history and culture of this alpine region. The informative panels along the trails offer you an enriching and educational experience that is exciting for both adults and children.

Alp show dairy Säntis

Our show dairy is located in the middle of the enchanting landscape between Schwägalp and Säntis. Visit us in summer and discover how the delicious Schwägalp cheese is made from fresh alpine milk.

Immerse yourself in the secrets of cheese production and learn exciting facts about alpine farming and the famous Appenzell cheese culture. Watch the cheesemaker at work and experience first-hand how delicious products are made from alpine milk.

Säntis im Winter

Säntis im Winter

In the store you have the opportunity to purchase the fresh products and be convinced by their unmistakable taste.

The Alpschaukäserei offers both individual visits and guided tours. We particularly recommend a guided tour in the morning, when the milk is being processed, so that you can experience the process up close. Be there when the milk is transformed into delicious cheese and learn more about the tradition and craftsmanship behind this impressive art form.

A visit to our Alpine show dairy is an unforgettable experience for all the senses. Immerse yourself in the aromas and textures of traditional Schwägalp cheese and let yourself be enchanted by the atmosphere and beauty of the surroundings. We look forward to introducing you to the fascination of cheese-making and presenting you with a piece of Appenzell culture and tradition.

Winter wonderland Säntis

When the valley is covered in thick fog in the fall, the Säntis offers an impressive natural spectacle: the experience of standing above the sea of fog. The surrounding mountains appear mystical and Lake Constance is shrouded in a bed of mist.

Pleasant temperatures now also make it easier to climb steeper mountain paths.

With the first snowfall, the area around the Säntis is transformed into a winter wonderland. Even for non-skiers, there are endless opportunities to enjoy the winter here.

Varied snowshoe tours through spectacular winter landscapes are becoming increasingly popular. Hiking with snowshoes in snow-covered landscapes quickly makes you forget everyday life.

The romantic Laternliweg trail on the Säntis is a wonderful and unforgettable experience. This circular hike is illuminated by numerous kerosene lamps. The Laternliweg is also ideal for families with children.

After the approximately 40-minute hike, we recommend enjoying an authentic Swiss raclette or cheese fondue at the Gasthaus Passhöhe to fortify yourself and round off the evening in an atmospheric setting.

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