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A special kind of Rigi nostalgia experience: embark on a journey back in time to 1871, when the Vitznau-Rigi Railway went down in history as the first mountain railroad in Europe.

Vibrating metal pistons and drive shafts, the smell of burning coal, hissing steam and spraying sparks cast a spell over steam train passengers and make the train ride up the Queen of the Mountains an unforgettable experience. Nostalgic steam trips up the Rigi are one of the last true adventures of our time!

Lok7 with upright boiler

Lok7 with upright boiler

Legendary steam locomotive 7

One of the showpieces is steam locomotive number 7, dating from 1873, which is on display at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne and is the only still operational rack-and-pinion locomotive with an upright boiler.

Locomotive 7 was built in 1873 by the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Factory SLM in Winterthur. After 64 years of service, it was decommissioned in 1937 and moved to the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne around 20 years later. It was revitalized for the 150th anniversary of Rigi Railways and has been back on the Rigi ever since.

The 150-year-old locomotive 7 has been steaming up the Rigi again since 2021, comfortably at a top speed of 7.5 km/h. It has been delighting young and old for generations.

World record: Locomotive 7 is now the world’s only mobile rack-and-pinion steam locomotive with an upright boiler.

Locomotive 7 basket rides – Rigi nostalgia

Locomotive 7 is the world’s only mobile cogwheel steam locomotive with an upright boiler and has a basket at the front where you can get a taste of the steam air of the original mountain railway pioneers.

Further information including travel times at: Locomotive 7

Locomotive 7 not only steams up the mountain, it is also omnipresent on Rigi Staffel. A restaurant has even been rechristened in honor of Lok 7. There is also a Rigi beer in honor of locomotive 7.

Video Steam locomotive 7 on the Rigi

Let Lok 7 take you back to the year 1873…

150 Jahre Rigi Bahnen - Lok Nr. 7 und Fahrzeugparade

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Restaurant Lok 7

Restaurant Lok 7

Lok 7 am Eingang zum Restaurant

A culinary explosion of pleasure awaits you at the Lok 7 (formerly BärgGnuss) restaurant on Rigi Staffel. A particular specialty of the kitchen is the Cordon bleu Lok 7.

The restaurant is also known to many from the SRF program “Mini Beiz, dini Beiz” from 2018. At that time still under the name BärgGnuss.

The Lok 7 restaurant seats up to 50 people. The panoramic terrace with a wonderful view of the mountains offers seating in the fresh mountain air. Especially in summer, the terrace is the perfect place to take a breather after a hike with great views.

For younger guests, the Lok 7 restaurant offers a beautifully furnished children’s room with various play options.

The restaurant is just a few minutes’ walk from Rigi Staffel station. You can reach Rigi Staffel comfortably and barrier-free with the cogwheel trains from Goldau and Vitznau. Various hiking trails also lead past the restaurant.

Rigi Beer in honor of Lok 7

In honor of the legendary Lok 7, the brewery of the Hotel-Restaurant Rigi-Seebodenalp has created a special edition of the “Rigi Gold Träger” variety. The new beer was launched by master brewer Andreas Brand together with the men who got Lok 7 going again.

The legendary and, by today’s standards, almost unimaginable era of the Rigi porters, the men who carried the distinguished guests up the Rigi in sedan chairs, came to an end with the commissioning of Europe’s first mountain railroad in 1871. Hence the innovative brewers’ idea to combine “Rigi Träger” and “Lok 7” on the new anniversary beer.

Steam locomotive 16 and 17

The steam locomotives 16 and 17, which went into operation in 1923, reach a top speed of 9 km/h. The vintage locomotives and carriages from the early years have been lovingly and expertly restored, which is why the old ladies still steam comfortably up the Queen of the Mountains today. A first-class experience that you won’t forget in a hurry.

The steam locomotives have to be warmed up for four hours before the smooth operation of the powerful mechanics can be set in motion. Once set in motion, they are very hungry: they consume an average of 450 kg of coal and 2,000 liters of water on the route from Vitznau to Rigi Kulm.

Steam locomotives No. 16 and No. 17 will be working extra shifts from August 1 on the lines from Goldau and from Vitznau to Rigi Kulm and between Rigi Staffel and Rigi Kulm.

Further information on current nostalgic steam journeys at: Steam train timetable

Video „Körbli“ Lok 7 auf RIGI Königin der Berge

„Körbli“ Lok 7 auf RIGI Königin der Berge

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