Rigi hiking paradise

Lake Lucerne Region

Mount Rigi is known as a hiking paradise and offers a wide variety of hikes and walks of all kinds. Hiking on Mount Rigi means: 120 kilometers of hiking trails ranging from easy, obstacle-free walks to exposed climbing tours. Cogwheel and cable cars lead up to the mountain massif from several sides. Countless hiking options, from easy strolls to challenging mountain hikes, invite connoisseurs and adventure-seekers alike to take a trip to Mount Rigi. We would like to introduce some of them today.

Walks and hikes

Rigi Classic

Rigi Kulm – Staffel – Staffelhöhe – Känzeli – Rigi Kaltbad (Duration: approx. 1 hour):

Outlook-Rigi-Kulm-Sea of fog

Outlook-Rigi-Kulm-Sea of fog

View Rigi Känzeli

View Rigi Känzeli

This route is extremely popular with hikers of all ages. The path leads steadily downhill. The difference in altitude between Rigi-Kulm and Rigi-Kaltbad is around 300 meters: Effortless high-altitude hike with magnificent views of Lake Lucerne and Lake Zug, across the Swiss Plateau to the Black Forest and the Vosges mountains. Fantastic panoramic views from the Rigi-Känzeli vantage point.

From Rigi Kulm (1798 m), an easy hiking trail leads downhill to Rigi Staffel (1606 m), then with only a slight incline to Rigi Staffelhöhe (1557 m). A reminder: in 1871, the first mountain railroad in Europe ran from Vitznau to Staffelhöhe and made mountain railroad history. Here you have views of the Mittelland and the Alps. From Staffelhöhe, the trail leads you through the forest and across meadows to the Känzeli viewpoint.

Be enchanted by spectacular views of Lake Lucerne and Lake Zug. You are in for a treat with minimal effort, as the trail leads steadily downhill. The panoramic view from the Känzeli viewpoint is also simply fantastic. Queen Victoria of England was already there in 1868 and praised the majestic panoramic view.

The Känzeli viewing platform is one of the most popular vantage points on Mount Rigi due to its easy accessibility and fantastic views. From here, you can see the imposing Alpine chain, the watercourses of Lake Lucerne and the entire region around Lucerne as far as the Central Plateau.

Various seating areas, a barbecue area and a telescope invite young and old to linger for a while. When the weather is fine, the oRIGInale – the friendly and personable Rigi hosts – are on hand to offer advice, information and information. oRIGInale are volunteer, motivated Rigi enthusiasts who provide visitors with explanations in a friendly manner and offer tips and exciting stories.

Mineral Bath & Spa

Mineral Bath & Spa

The last section to Rigi Kaltbad runs comfortably straight ahead with a constant view of Lake Lucerne.

The townscape of Rigi Kaltbad is characterized by the modern architecture of the Mineralbad & Spa, which is pleasantly embedded in the landscape. It builds on the 600-year-old bathing tradition of the village, which was known at home and abroad as a place of pilgrimage.

The 2500 square meter piazza, which also forms the roof of the mineral baths, was designed by Mario Botta. The wellness facility is characterized by eight crystal-like glass skylights that bring light into the interior. You can linger and enjoy the magnificent view between the stone and lawn areas and glass skylights.

Rigi Panorama Trail

Rigi Kaltbad – First – Unterstetten – Hinder Dossen – Rigi Scheidegg (Duration: approx. 2 hours):
The view of the Alps and the Schwyz valley basin is magnificent: the trail leads along the rocky path from Rigi First to Rigi Scheidegg. Breathtaking views of Lake Lucerne and the mountains of Central Switzerland from the start.

Spectacular rocky path

Spectacular rocky path

After Rigi First, you have the option of leaving the actual trail briefly and turning off onto the “Felsenweg”, which is highly recommended. The Rigi Rock Trail is a panoramic path carved into the mountainside with fantastic views of Lake Lucerne and Bürgenstock. The view is hard to beat. Pause for a moment and marvel at the view from the benches. Uri Rotstock, Wissigstock and Titlis dominate the mountain view. In winter it is often a romantic sea of mist, as if you could walk into it…

The rocky trail is around 900 meters long and joins the panorama trail again at the end. Along the way, 12 information boards provide an insight into the biodiversity and natural treasures of the Rigi.

But beware: this trail is usually closed in winter or in bad weather.

The Rigi Panorama Trail largely follows the route of the former railroad (1874 to 1931). The old railroad bridge, a short tunnel and a decommissioned wagon from the time are historical witnesses. Beautiful rest areas and fireplaces along the way. No ascent until shortly before Rigi Scheidegg.

Rigi Klösterli Trail

Rigi Kaltbad – First – Heiri Hütte – Rigi Klösterli (Duration: approx. 30 minutes):
The First Trail is an easy walk that takes you from Kaltbad village square to Rigi First. On the flat path with magnificent views of Lake Lucerne, the reformed mountain church by Zurich architect Ernst Giesel and the typical Nagelfluh walls deserve special attention. An enjoyable tour without any exertion. Enjoy the unobstructed view of snow-capped Alpine peaks from the southern shore of the lake.

Pilgrimage chapel "Maria zum Schnee"

Pilgrimage chapel “Maria zum Schnee”

From Rigi First, the trail descends to the cozy Heiri hut, where you can enjoy a hearty alpine snack. The trail then continues downhill in elegant twists and turns to the historic pilgrimage site of Klösterli, where numerous Capuchin monks once lived. The pretty “Maria zum Schnee” pilgrimage chapel (built in 1689) is one of the most beautiful mountain chapels in the world. The altarpiece is a copy of the famous painting “Maria zum Schnee” in the magnificent church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome.

Rigi Schwändi Trail

Rigi Klösterli – below Schwändi hut – Schwändi – Alp Chäserenholz – Rigi Kulm (Duration: approx. 1.5 hours):
A short hike of 4 km and almost 500 meters uphill: from the pilgrimage site of Rigi Klösterli, the trail leads steadily uphill to Alp Schwändi. On the Chäserenholz to the idyllically situated Alpbeiz and a well-earned rest.

Alp Chäserenholz invites you to alpine wellness

Alp Chäserenholz invites you to alpine wellness

Surrounded by lush meadows and forests, close to the summit of Rigi Kulm, Alp Chäserenholz not only offers traditional gastronomy, but also overnight accommodation on the alp and a cheese dairy that can be visited.

Alp Chäserenholz invites you to enjoy Alpine wellness with a whirlpool, sauna and whey bath. Combined with the fantastic panoramic views and the pleasure of enjoying the farm’s own cheese slice, alpine bathing fun becomes an unforgettable experience.

View of the snow-covered mountain peaks and Alpine panorama. Then uphill again to Rigi Kulm, the highest point on the Rigi, with panoramic views of the Central Plateau and the Alps, and in good weather a view of 620 Alpine peaks and 13 lakes.

Rigi Full moon hike

Night-time Rigi hike towards the sunrise:

Rigi hike sunrise

Rigi hike sunrise

The Rigi full moon hike from Vitznau-Hinterbergen leads through the darkness of the night to Rigi Kulm, towards the sunrise. This is followed by a delicious breakfast at the Chäserenholz alpine restaurant.

Accompanied by a guide, participants learn exciting facts about Mount Rigi and are expertly led through the darkness of the night. The hike takes place on the night from Friday to Saturday.

The hike covers an altitude difference of 800 meters. The hike is demanding and requires an appropriate level of fitness (pure hiking time: approx. 3.5 hours).

Further information and dates at: Rigi full moon hike towards the sunrise