Rhine ferries – relaxed and sustainable

Basel Region

The four Rhine ferries “Wild Maa”, “Leu”, “Vogel Gryff” and “Ueli” connect Kleinbasel with Großbasel. They are roller ferries that are propelled by the current of the Rhine. They are an integral part of the Basel cityscape and offer a charming way to cross the Rhine.

These special means of transportation allow locals, commuters and tourists to cross the Rhine without a motor and using only the power of the river current. The Rhine ferries not only offer a picturesque way to cross the river, but also a pleasant and comfortable way to get around.

The ferries glide silently to the other bank all year round, allowing passengers to let time stand still for a brief moment. The crossing with the Rhine ferries is a unique experience and offers a relaxing contrast to hectic city life.

The Rhine ferries are a popular attraction and an important means of transportation in Basel. They add to the charm of the city and are a lovely way to experience the tranquil beauty of the Rhine.

Video The 4 ferries from Basel

Basel has 4 ferries:
St. Alban ferry (Wild Maa)
Münster ferry (Leu)
Klingental ferry (Vogel Gryff)
St. Johann ferry (Ueli)

Die 4 Fähren von Basel

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