Rapperswil – City of Roses on Lake Zurich

Eastern Switzerland

Rapperswil stretches along the eastern shore of Lake Zurich and is a popular excursion destination due to its lakeside location, the historic old town and the Knies children’s zoo. The lake dam that leads to Pfäffikon Schwyz starts in Rapperswil.

The town coat of arms of Rapperswil shows two red roses with golden spikes and opposite red stems on a silver background. It is based on the three-rose coat of arms of the Counts of Rapperswil, which is why Rapperswil is also known as the “City of Roses”.

Rapperswil Castle

Rapperswil Castle

Rapperswil old town with castle

Rapperswil old town with castle

The majestic castle rises above the town of Rapperswil and Lake Zurich and serves as an impressive landmark. From the castle hill, you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view from the Glarus Alps to the Zurich Oberland. In addition to the castle, numerous churches, chapels and monasteries are reminders of times gone by. The medieval old town, which is a listed building, the low-traffic area, the idyllic lakeside promenade and the wide range of excursion options are particularly inviting for families with children.

In addition to the lake dam, which provides road and rail connections to the opposite shore, a wooden pedestrian bridge, the longest of its kind in Switzerland, has been crossing the lake for centuries. Rapperswil is also the starting point for the Lake Zurich scheduled boats, including two historic paddle steamers, which set sail for Zurich.

Rapperswil Harbor

Rapperswil Harbor

Rapperswil Knies Children's Zoo

Rapperswil Knies Children’s Zoo

In addition to its natural beauty, the area around Lake Zurich offers a wide range of entertainment and adventure options. The Knies children’s zoo is a particular attraction for children and circus lovers. Here the animals can be petted and even elephant rides are possible. Immerse yourself in this enchanting region and experience unforgettable moments.

Rapperswil, the town of roses on the upper end of Lake Zurich, combines sights, cultural life, hiking and sporting opportunities and conveys a Mediterranean vacation atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the Riviera on the upper part of Lake Zurich and experience an unforgettable stay.

In 2003, the municipalities of Rapperswil and Jona merged to form Rapperswil-Jona.

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The small medieval town of Rapperswil-Jona, the city of roses on the upper part of Lake Zurich…

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