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Pizokel is a delicacy from Graubünden that is reminiscent of spaetzle. The dough consists of flour (either wheat or a combination of buckwheat and wheat), eggs and milk. For the version called potato pizokel, grated potatoes, wheat flour, eggs and milk are used.

Savor the Flavor: Elevate Your Meals with Homemade Pizokel

Preparation begins with processing the ingredients into a semi-solid dough. After a short resting time, the dough is spread evenly on a damp board and scraped into boiling salted water with a knife. The cooked pizokel rise to the surface of the water and are then removed using a pasta strainer. Depending on the recipe, the dough can be seasoned with finely chopped parsley or refreshing peppermint, while nutmeg adds an extra flavor to potato pizokel.

Pizokel are usually served with melted butter or toasted breadcrumbs that have been fried in butter until golden brown. They are often accompanied by fried bacon, sautéed onions and plenty of grated cheese. The variety of side dishes expands even further: from different vegetables such as savoy cabbage, spinach and Swiss chard to similar variations. Gratinating is a particularly popular presentation method for potato pizzas, where they are baked and served with a crispy, golden-brown crust.

Other well-known Grisons specialties include Capuns, Maluns, Engadine nut cake, Graubünden pear bread and Graubünden air-dried beef.

Video Cooking Bündner Pizokel

High up in the mountains after a day on the skis or down in the valley after a marathon meeting in the office: a plate of pizokel with a creamy cream sauce provides new energy and brings back vacation memories of your stay at the Hapimag Resort Flims. This typical Grisons specialty is somewhat reminiscent of spaetzle, but has its own rustic character. This is due in particular to the buckwheat flour. Served with Bündnerfleisch and Bündner mountain cheese… and what other ingredients are needed? The chefs at the Hapimag Resort Flims have revealed their recipe.

Bündner Pizokel kochen

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