Piz Bernina – King of the mountains


Piz Bernina is the highest peak in the canton of Graubünden. It stands out due to its almost freestanding position and thus also offers a unique panoramic view from the summit.

Piz Bernina – Mount Everest of the Engadine

At 4,049 meters, Piz Bernina, also known as the “King of Mountains”, is the only four-thousand-metre peak in the Eastern Alps and is often referred to as the Mount Everest of the Engadin. For a long time it was considered invincible, until the first climber Johann Wilhelm Fortunat Coaz made a courageous attempt to conquer this mountain in 1850 – a truly heroic act. His diary entry: “At 6.00 in the evening, we stood on the longed-for sublime peak on pure ground untrodden by any human being, on the highest point of the canton. Serious feelings gripped us. Our eager eyes wandered over the earth to the far horizon and a thousand and a thousand mountain peaks lay around us, rising rockily from shining glacial seas. We gazed in amazement and trepidation at this magnificent mountain world.”

The highest mountain in the canton of Graubünden dominates the landscape and offers mountaineers an impressive panoramic view. The Chamanna da Tschierva and Chamanna da Boval serve as starting points for tours. To the north of Piz Bernina, the Morteratsch and Tschierva glaciers stretch out majestically.

Piz Bernina is usually climbed from Diavolezza on the Bernina Pass or from Pontresina via Tschiervahütte and Biancograt. On the first ascent, the route from Bernina Suot through the labyrinth of the Morteratsch glacier and over the east ridge was chosen, which is no longer common today.

The hike from Pontresina train station to the Tschierva hut takes 3 hours. You can also take a horse-drawn carriage for the first part of the route to the Hotel Roseggletscher.

The Piz Bernina ascent requires a very good level of fitness, serious preparation and technical knowledge of mountain sports. It is recommended to do this accompanied by a mountain guide.

Video Piz Bernina (4.049m) via Biancograt

The ascent was via the majestic Biancograt, the descent via the Spallagrat…

Piz Bernina (4.049m) über Biancograt

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Video Piz Bernina 4049m I Hochtour via Biancograt

Der Biancograt, auch die Himmelsleiter genannt, ist einer der schönsten Schneegrate der Alpen…

Piz Bernina 4049m I Hochtour via Biancograt

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