Muotathaler Wetterschmöcker – weather smeller

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The Innerschwyzer hobby meteorologists, affectionately known as the Muotathaler “Wetterschmöcker” (wheather smeller) or Muotathaler “Wetterfrösche”, are a fascinating group of people who are closely connected to nature and have a broad knowledge and a great sense of humor. Through careful observations in the great outdoors, they gain insights into how the weather might develop in the coming weeks or months.

These rustic and down-to-earth men incorporate their observations of nature into their weather forecasts, but they keep the exact secret behind their recipe for success to themselves. Their ability to predict the weather is admired and appreciated by many.

The people of Muotathal have retained their down-to-earth character and their rough-and-tumble dialect over the years. Some attribute this to the geographical remoteness of their region, while others interpret it as an expression of the Muotathalers’ stubbornness.

You can experience their quaint wit on the Witzwanderweg, or you can enjoy it at the semi-annual public meetings of the Muotathaler Wetterschmöcker. On these special occasions, the gnarled men humorously present their weather forecasts for the coming six months, which are based on their observations of nature.

One of the best-known faces among the Muotathal weathermen is Martin Horat. He became a minor star on television and his apt sayings have become part of Schwyz folk culture. Martin Horat predicts the weather based on his observations of wood ants. However, he has given up a winter alternative, the tasting of snow, as the forecasts proved to be too inaccurate, especially if a dog had previously relieved itself.

The Muotathaler Wetterschmöcker are a living example of the close connection between man and nature and the traditional wisdom that lives on in the Alpine regions and is admired and recognized by a broad public. Their unique way of predicting the weather is not only fascinating, but also a valuable cultural heritage that connects people with their environment and their roots.

The Muotathal is characterized by an above-average number of actively practiced customs and traditions, such as the Muotathaler Naturjuuz.

Video Switzerland Martin Horat

Martin Horat predicts the coming winter on the anthill.

Switzerland Martin Horat

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Video The Böögg at the Wetterschmöcker

You’ve never seen the Böögg like this before: He sets off for the Muota Valley to make an appearance at the weather forecasters. What does he experience? See for yourself: Canton Schwyz, a guest at Sechseläuten from April 14 to 17, 2023.

Der Böögg bei den Wetterschmöckern

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