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For many generations, a special form of yodeling has been practiced in the Muotathal, which the locals call “juuzen”, the so-called “Naturjuuz”.

The Muota Valley is a truly unique place in many ways and represents an impressive Swiss panopticon that is hard to beat. The region impresses with its breathtaking scenery, including the majestic Silberen karst area, the impressive Hölloch, one of the largest caves in Europe, and the Glattalp with its record-breaking sub-zero temperatures. Equally fascinating are the Bödmerenwald, the largest primeval forest in the Alps, and the mystical natural landscapes of the side valleys. However, it is not only nature that makes the Muota Valley unique, but also its inhabitants, with their apt and authentic language and their stubborn but endearing manner.

Another feature that particularly distinguishes the Muota Valley is the “Naturjuuz”. A form of yodelling is practised here that is probably not found anywhere else. In “juuzen”, the focus is not necessarily on “beautiful” singing, but rather on expression and individuality. Old sound documents prove this peculiarity. The style is not polished or perfected; the tones sometimes sound earthy, sometimes wild. This is why Muotatal yodelling may initially seem edgy, rough and surprisingly different to the untrained ear. It seems as if the origins of this yodeling style lie in the great outdoors, created while working on the pastures and mountain pastures. But if you listen longer, a fascinating world of sound opens up, characterized by sophisticated musical figures. These sounds convey a unique character and give an idea of the proud and stubborn nature of the people in this valley.

With its “Naturjuuz”, the Muota Valley preserves a cultural treasure trove that amazes not only the locals but also visitors. This form of yodelling connects people with their nature and tradition and is an impressive testimony to the unique identity and culture of the Muota Valley.

Nature juuuz course & folklore with Bernhard Betschart

Experience the unique Juuz on this special one-day course. Immerse yourself in the traditional melodies of Muota Valley natural yodeling, learn the techniques of archaic Alpine singing and feel the liberating way of yodeling without notes. Under the expert guidance of Bernhard Betschart, you will learn polyphonic yodels from the Muota Valley.

In addition, Büchel & Alphorn blowing, Chlefelen or Alpine Blessing or Prayer Call can also be tried out. The traditional cattle bells, the “Triichlä”, are also available on request. Beginners and advanced players are very welcome!

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Video Naturjuuz on the Pfaffen, Glattalp

Ein Jüüzli auf dem “Pfaffen”, auf der Glattalp.

Naturjuuz auf dem Pfaffen, Glattalp

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Video Naturjuuz – pure nature (Dr Riedter)

Naturjuuz - Natur pur (Dr Riedter)

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