Montreux – Jewel on Lake Geneva

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The Montreux Riviera lies between the lake, the mountains and the vineyards in a painting. But it is also a real little paradise that has always attracted artists, writers and tourists looking for beauty, peace and inspiration. Here one can find nature and culture interwoven in such a way that they affect each of our senses at once.

Vineyards Montreux

Vineyards Montreux

The stunning setting – a lake that shines like diamonds, mountains that touch the sky and vineyards that roll gently by – is breathtaking. But what really gives Montreux Riviera its magic is an atmosphere that’s all its own, one which nurtures the soul and fires the imagination.

In this place, many artists have found their inspiration. They’ve been moved to create music, literature and paintings (among other things) by the beauty of nature itself; also by the climate – Mediterranean warmth tempered by cool breezes off Lake Geneva – and by an area rich with history stretching back to Roman times.

And it isn’t just artists who come here. Travelers seeking peace or sanctuary can find their own private paradise in Montreux Riviera too. The stillnesss; so quiet you could hear a pin drop; silence that seems almost solid… It beckons: “Leave behind your everyday cares and worries – give yourself up completely to these lovely surroundings”

Montreux Riviera

Montreux Riviera

Montreux is a true jewel on Lake Geneva

Montreux’s old city is indeed very beautiful, and stands over the edge of the lake on slopes that are at the foot of mountains surrounding it; this makes it lovely with its serene appeal and stunning views. Ascending to Saint-Vincent church will reward you with a spectacular look which cannot be confused for any other towards the lake. This district also has winding streets and alluring squares which are well maintained; they have a peculiar attraction about them as they always make one want to walk around discovering things.

When it comes to food lovers Montreux may be described as heaven on earth due to its wide range of gourmet restaurants offered by this town. At these places, visitors can enjoy delicacies from both national cuisines such as French or Italian dishes alongside others prepared using different cooking styles like grilling but still have them taste deliciously good.

In no other place can culture meet nature in such an unusual manner than in Montreux city itself – a unique combination of these three elements takes place there. While taking leisurely walks along the blooming lakeside promenade one cannot help but notice magnificent buildings which bring back memories of yesteryears when people used to live hereabouts. The gentle climate of the lake moderates temperatures making them pleasant enough for people just sit around doing nothing.

Visiting Montreux gives you lifetime memories because it lets you experience Lake Geneva’s magical world first hand; therefore, do not miss out! Soak up all that beauty has been bestowed upon this municipality while looking at breathtaking sceneries or even better yet appreciating culinary arts too.

Lake Geneva with Montreux

Lake Geneva with Montreux

Jazz Festival in Montreux

The Montreux Jazz Festival, which takes place annually in July in Montreux, is a music festival that attracts music lovers from all over the world. With almost 250,000 spectators, it has become an essential meeting place for music enthusiasts. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking scenery, experience concerts with outstanding acoustics and dance on numerous free stages.

Montreux Jazz Festival

Montreux Jazz Festival

Since its foundation in 1967, the Montreux Jazz Festival has established itself as one of the leading music events. Legendary musicians such as Miles Davis, Ray Charles, David Bowie and Prince have performed here. The festival offers a wide range of musical styles, from jazz to rock and hip-hop. Whatever your taste in music, there is something for everyone.

The unique atmosphere of the Montreux Jazz Festival casts a spell over visitors. The mixture of first-class music, a vibrant festival atmosphere and the picturesque backdrop of Lake Geneva make this event an unforgettable experience. The concerts take place not only in large event halls, but also in unusual venues such as boats or on open-air stages, which create a special atmosphere.

The Montreux Jazz Festival is not only a musical highlight, but also offers a wide range of activities in addition to the concerts. There are workshops, lectures, exhibitions and much more to make the festival experience even more intense. Visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of music, discover new talents and exchange ideas with other music lovers.

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