Lenzburg Castle – 1000 years of time travel


Lenzburg Castle, also known as “the Lenzburg”, towers majestically above the old town of Lenzburg in the canton of Aargau, Switzerland. This time-honored castle is one of the oldest and most important fortresses on the heights of the country.

Lenzburg Castle

Lenzburg Castle

Discover the Majestic Castle Hill: A Historic Landmark in Lenzburg

The imposing complex rises on the 508-metre-high Castle Hill, an almost perfectly circular molasse hill that rises about a hundred meters above the surrounding plain. The name of the castle goes back to the Counts of Lenzburg, who probably built their ancestral seat on this hill in the early 11th century. From 1173, the castle came into the possession of the Hohenstaufen family, later the Kyburg family and finally the Habsburgs in 1273.

After the conquest of Aargau by the city of Bern in 1415, the castle served as the residence of the Bernese bailiffs for over three and a half centuries until it became the property of the canton of Aargau in 1804. In the years that followed, it was used for various purposes, including as an educational institute and in private ownership from 1860.

In 1956, a foundation supported by the canton and town of Lenzburg acquired the castle from the widow of US polar explorer Lincoln Ellsworth and opened it to the public.

Lenzburg Castle

Lenzburg Castle

The fortress at the top of the hill is surrounded by an impressive circular wall and consists of seven buildings constructed between the 12th and early 18th centuries. These buildings are grouped in a horseshoe-shaped arrangement around an inner courtyard and bear witness to the Gothic and Baroque architectural styles.

Since its extensive renovation in 1987, the castle has served as the home of the Aargau Historical Museum. This museum has been part of the Aargau Museum Association since 2007. It presents the living culture of the former inhabitants of the castle, historical collections of the Canton of Aargau and offers temporary exhibitions on the history of art and culture.

A foundation supported by the canton and town of Lenzburg is responsible for the preservation of the castle. Another foundation and an association organize numerous cultural events on the grounds.

Video Castle Lenzburg 🇨🇭 in beautiful Switzerland

Lenzburg Castle in Bernes Midlands is an impressive historical landmark perched on a hill above the town of Lenzburg.

The Lenzburg Castle has a fascinating history that makes it one of the most important castles in the country. The castle was built in the 11th century and originally served as a fortified complex. It was founded by the Counts of Lenzburg and later taken over by the Habsburgs. The castle has undergone numerous transformations over the centuries, but its impressive structure and historical significance have been preserved.

Castle Lenzburg 🇨🇭 in beautiful Switzerland

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