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The Landsgemeinde Glarus is the legislative assembly of the Canton of Glarus and is an outstanding example of direct democracy. It is made up of all citizens of the canton of Glarus who are entitled to vote and who discuss and vote on amendments to laws and the constitution as well as the tax rate at the Landsgemeinde. This unique assembly also has the important task of electing the cantonal judges and the Landammann.

Glarner Landsgemeinde © VISIT Glarnerland / Maya Rhyner

Glarner Landsgemeinde © VISIT Glarnerland / Maya Rhyner

The Glarner Landsgemeinde is a symbol of the active co-determination and participation of the population in legislation, as every voter has the right to speak and propose amendments. It is a living example of democracy in action that dates back to the 14th century, as evidenced by the oldest testimony of a meeting on the Landessatzungen of March 11, 1387.

In addition to its political significance, the Landsgemeinde Glarus is also closely associated with a folk festival in the town of Glarus, where people traditionally enjoy chalberwurst after the democratic decisions.

The Landsgemeinde takes place on the first Sunday in May on the Zaunplatz in Glarus. The citizens entitled to vote, also known as “Mitlandlüüt”, form a ring, while interested spectators can follow the proceedings from separate stands.

The Landsgemeinde Glarus is an outstanding example of a vibrant and committed democracy that actively involves people in political decisions. The tradition and importance of this assembly is proudly preserved in Glarus and attracts numerous visitors every year who want to experience the unique atmosphere and the power of direct democracy at first hand. It is an impressive celebration of participation and community cohesion that further strengthens the identity and pride of the canton of Glarus.

Video Landsgemeinde Glarus | Cantonal assembly | Glarus Switzerland

The Landsgemeinde Glarus or is a public, non-secret ballot voting system operating by majority rule, which constitutes one of the oldest forms of direct democracy.

Glarus Landsgemeinde | Cantonal assembly | Glarus Switzerland

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