Lake Neuchâtel


The largest lake that lies entirely in Switzerland is Lake Neuchâtel, which covers an area of 212.33 km². It stretches across the cantons of Neuchâtel, Fribourg, Vaud and Berne. Tributaries such as the Areuse, the Zihl (Thielle) and the Broye Canal (Canal de la Broye) feed the lake from Lake Morat.

The outflow is via the Zihlkanal/Canal de la Thielle, which flows into Lake Biel (Lac de Bienne). Together with Lake Murten, Lake Neuchâtel serves as a compensating basin for the Aare, which flows into Lake Biel. When Lake Biel is dammed, the Broye Canal and the Zihl Canal therefore flow backwards.



The namesake town of Neuchâtel is located on the northern shore of the lake, while the small towns of Yverdon-les-Bains and Grandson stretch out at the western end. The picturesque medieval town of Estavayer-le-Lac lies on the southern shore, while the Fanel nature reserve is located on the north-eastern shore.

The region around Lake Neuchâtel is particularly attractive to tourists due to its vineyards on the southern slopes of the Jura. Grape varieties such as Chasselas and Pinot Noir are cultivated here, and the internationally renowned Oeil-de-Perdrix is produced here. Hiking trails and cycle paths lead through the vineyards and picturesque winegrowing villages or run along the lakeshore. The region also has plenty of culinary delights to offer.

Steamship Neuchatel

Steamship Neuchatel

Discover the fascinating region of Lac de Neuchâtel with its unique landscapes, picturesque towns and first-class wines. Let yourself be enchanted by the vineyards at the foot of the Jura, explore the idyllic villages and enjoy the many activities along the lake. Whether you want to hike, cycle or simply sample the culinary delights of the region, Lake Neuchâtel will delight you with its charm and diversity.

Shipping on Lake Neuchâtel

Experience Switzerland’s largest lake in a very special way – with an unforgettable boat trip! Immerse yourself in the world of Lake Neuchâtel as the ships of the fleet glide elegantly between the north and south shores through the crystal-clear water.

Enjoy the breathtaking view of the majestic Jura mountain range from a completely new perspective and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of this picturesque landscape. A boat trip on Lake Neuchâtel is an incomparable way to discover this unique region and create unforgettable memories.

For an extended and varied cruise, we recommend the three-hour three-lake cruise on Lake Biel, Lake Neuchâtel and Lake Murten, which is one of the absolute highlights of the Jura-Tri-Lakes region.

Video Impressions of Lake Neuchâtel

Castles and fortresses on Lake Neuchâtel…

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