Lake Murten – Lac de Morat


Lake Murten – Lac de Morat – stretches across the Swiss cantons of Fribourg (Fribourg) and Vaud (Vaud). The town of Murten characterizes the appearance of the lake and includes the villages of Altavilla, Büchslen, Burg, Courlevon, Jeuss, Lurtingen and Salvenach in the district of the Fribourg lake area.

As the cultural and economic center of the Lake Murten region, the town of Murten is located on the southern shore of the lake. A special attraction of Lake Murten is the small island of La Grande Ile, which is about 1,000 m² in size and is located about 30 meters from the northern shore near Guevaux.

Murten on Lake Murten

Murten on Lake Murten

Although the Lake Murten is the smallest of the so-called three-lake landscape with an area of just 22.8 square kilometers, it enjoys great popularity. Due to its shallow depth, it warms up quickly in the sun and is therefore a popular swimming destination from spring to fall.

There are numerous bathing beaches and campsites around the lake that are available to visitors. Salavaux, the longest natural freshwater sandy beach in Europe, as well as Muntelier and Avenches are among the most beautiful beaches in the region.

Take the opportunity to relax on the idyllic shores of Lake Morat and enjoy the many leisure activities on offer in this picturesque setting.

Circular route around Lake Murten

Due to the manageable size of Lake Murten and the flat terrain, cyclists, e-bikers and hikers alike are drawn to the lake. Countless cycling and hiking routes lead guests through the charming Lake Murten region, with the circular bike tour and pleasure trip around Lake Murten and the Lake Murten trail being particularly recommended.

On these routes, you can explore the picturesque surroundings of Lake Murten by bike or on foot and enjoy the scenic diversity of the region. Whether you are a sporty type or simply want to experience the relaxed atmosphere on the lakeshore, the various routes offer something to suit every taste.

Explore the charming villages along the lake, admire the idyllic landscapes and enjoy the wonderful views of Lake Murten. The circular bike tour and gourmet tour allow you to discover various culinary highlights of the region, while the Lake Murten Trail takes you on a fascinating journey along the shore.

Shipping on Lake Murten

A boat trip on Lake Murten is an absolute highlight for connoisseurs and sun worshippers. The relaxing round trip takes around an hour and offers a picturesque backdrop. For those who want to enjoy the breeze to the full, there is the 2-lake cruise to choose from. This takes guests through the impressive Broye Canal to Neuchâtel and lasts around 1.5 hours.

For an extended and varied cruise, we recommend the three-hour Three-Lakes Cruise, which also takes you through the Zihl Canal to Lake Biel and finally to Biel. Passengers can experience the beauty of the three lake region to the full. The 3-lake cruise on Lake Biel, Lake Neuchâtel and Lake Murten is one of the absolute highlights of the Jura-Tri-Lakes region.

Riviera des Murtensees

Vully on Lake Murten

Vully on Lake Murten

Vully is known as the Riviera of Lake Murten. Mont Vully, a picturesque range of hills between Lakes Murten and Neuchâtel, is very popular with hikers and offers breathtaking views of the lakes, the Jura and the Alps. Refreshing white wines of excellent quality thrive on the sun-drenched slopes.

Although the Vully wine-growing region, with its 150 hectares, is the smallest of the large wine regions, it is home to numerous charming villages where you can enjoy a variety of tastings in the inviting wine cellars. Immerse yourself in the world of wine and discover the diversity of flavors in this special region.

Lake Murten lake cruise video

The lake tour begins in the medieval Zähringer town of Murten with its historic old town…

Murtensee Seerundfahrt

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