Lake Biel – Lac de Bienne


Lake Biel, known as “Lac de Bienne” in French, is located in the cantons of Bern and Neuchâtel. Together with Lakes Neuchâtel and Murten, Lake Biel is one of the so-called Jura lakes.

The northern shore of Lake Biel is characterized by intensive viticulture, while the southern shore has retained its natural beauty. In the summer months, stand-up paddlers, windsurfers, kayakers, boaters and boats enjoy the waters of the lake. Lake Biel thus offers a wide range of leisure activities for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.

St. Peter’s Island on Lake Biel

Experience the fascinating jewel of Lake Biel – the mysterious St. Peter’s Island, which delights with its hidden bathing bays and impressive monastery hotel. Immerse yourself in a vacation atmosphere during a cruise on a boat operated by the Lake Biel Navigation Company and enjoy a glass of delicious Lake Biel wine on board as you glide past the picturesque winegrowing villages. This unforgettable journey invites you to experience the beauty of the lake and its charming surroundings to the full.

Cruising on Lake Biel

The Lake Biel Navigation Company operates a fleet of eight ships on the lake and the Aare. The ships include the “MS Petersinsel” with a capacity of 700 people and the solar catamaran “EMS MobiCat”. A Lake Biel cruise calls at eight landing stages around the lake. These are the stations “Biel-Bienne”, “Tüscherz”, “Engelberg-Wingreis”, “Twann”, “Ligerz”, “St. Petersinsel Nord”, “La Neuveville” and “Erlach”.

For an extended and varied cruise, we recommend the three-hour three-lake cruise on Lake Biel, Lake Neuchâtel and Lake Murten, which is one of the absolute highlights of the Jura-Tri-Lakes region.

Video Lake Biel

Lake Biel is not only the meeting point of German- and French-speaking Switzerland, the landscape also shows beautiful contrasts…

Bielersee, Schweiz 【4K】

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Video of St. Peter’s Island in Lake Biel

Peninsula in Lake Biel, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Back to Nature, lived there…

St. Petersinsel im Bielersee

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