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The history of Kambly began over a hundred years ago with the Emmental “Bretzeli” made according to grandmother’s recipe. Since then, the “Bretzeli” and a variety of exquisite creations of the finest Swiss cookies have been produced day after day with the same care to underline the quality and tradition of Kambly time and time again. Today, Kambly is the best-known and most popular cookie brand in Switzerland and is regarded worldwide as the benchmark for quality and innovation in the premium segment of fine cookies.

The Kambly Manufaktur stands for handcrafted perfection and the highest standards of ingredients and workmanship. Every piece of pastry is made with love and dedication to pamper the discerning palate. The company attaches great importance to selecting the finest raw materials and maintains close partnerships with local farmers and suppliers to ensure consistently high quality.

Emmentaler “Bretzeli” – innovation from the Emmental

In the heart of the Emmental, in the picturesque Swiss countryside, all of Kambly’s recipes and production processes are developed in-house. They are refined with dedication and precision until they meet the wishes and high quality standards of lovers of the finest pastries. Every Kambly masterpiece is a tribute to life itself, a tender declaration of love to the noble and a culmination of fine, harmonious taste.

Kambly mixture

Kambly mixture

Kambly is more than just a cookie brand – it is a lifestyle dedicated to those who know how to distinguish the best from the good. The dedication and passion that goes into every piece of pastry is palpable and makes it a very special experience. Kambly combines tradition and innovation to create unique taste experiences that tantalize the palate and inspire the senses.

Every bite of a Kambly cookie is a small thank you to life, a tender gesture of appreciation for the small pleasures of everyday life. The brand embodies a timeless charm and a sophisticated taste that perfectly showcases the subtleties and nuances of exquisite ingredients. Kambly is an ode to culinary sophistication and a symbol of first-class quality.

The pursuit of perfection is deeply rooted in Kambly’s DNA. The master bakers use all their skills to produce the finest pastries that delight the senses. Every step in the production process is carefully monitored, from the selection of high-quality ingredients to the artful processing. The results are works of art of taste that represent a unique combination of tradition and innovation.

Kambly experience in Trubschachen

In the charming village of Trubschachen in the Bernes Midlands, the fascinating “Kambly Experience” awaits visitors, a place full of sensual discoveries and inviting encounters. Here, visitors have the unique opportunity to explore the secrets of the art of pastry making, discover the history and origins of Kambly and experience unforgettable moments of joy.

Kambly Confiserie

Kambly Confiserie

The “Kambly Experience” is a place that appeals to all the senses. On an interactive journey through the world of fine pastries, visitors can experience first-hand how Kambly’s master bakers put their skill and passion into every single piece of pastry. From the selection of high-quality ingredients to the artful processing, visitors can follow the entire production process and take a look behind the scenes.

The journey continues into the fascinating history of Kambly. Through informative exhibitions and multimedia presentations, visitors learn more about the origins of the brand, the traditional craftsmanship and the values that have characterized Kambly for over a hundred years. From its humble beginnings to today’s international success, it becomes clear how Kambly has become a renowned cookie brand.

But the “Kambly Experience” offers more than just information and history. It is a place of pleasure and enjoyment. Visitors can sample delicious Kambly creations in cozy cafés and lounges and discover the variety of fine pastries. The atmosphere invites you to linger, surrounded by the sweet temptation and aroma of freshly baked delicacies.

Video Kambly experience Trubschachen

Visit our world of experience in Trubschachen and discover the origins of Kambly in the idyllic Emmental valley. We hope you enjoy exploring and wish you many pleasurable moments with Kambly.

Kambly Erlebnis Trubschachen

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Kambly Company Portrait Film 2021

Kambly Company Portrait Film 2021

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