Graubünden pear bread – unique and hearty

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The long, round “Bündner Birnbrot” (Graubünden pear bread) is a culinary delicacy and belongs to the large family of Birnbrote and Birnenweggen, which also includes the Glarus and Toggenburg Birnbrot and the Lucerne Birnenweggen. Also related to this family line is the Birnenweggli cookie.

The special thing about Bündner Birnbrot is its unique filling, which consists mainly of a delicious pear mixture. This is encased in a wafer-thin, rolled-out yeast dough. In Glarus and Toggenburg, the pears are cooked and puréed before being mixed with the remaining filling ingredients. In Graubünden, on the other hand, the traditional method is used, in which the dried pear slices are soaked in rose water before being processed into an aromatic filling.

Graubünden pear bread – unique and hearty

Graubünden pear bread is a wonderful blend of sweet, juicy pear aroma and the delicate taste of yeast dough. It is not only a treat for the palate, but also a piece of culinary tradition that reflects the love and dedication of Graubünden’s bakers and confectioners. This traditional pastry is a true delicacy that delights both locals and visitors alike.

The art of making Graubünden pear bread is passed down from generation to generation and is a valuable cultural heritage of the region. The use of high-quality, local ingredients and traditional production methods make this Graubünden specialty a unique culinary experience. Whether as a sweet surprise for family and friends or as a souvenir for travelers, Graubünden pear bread is a true gem of Swiss bakery art and embodies the country’s culinary diversity and tradition.

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