Graubünden air-dried beef

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“Bündnerfleisch” (Graubünden air-dried beef) is a culinary specialty and a protected trademark from the picturesque canton of Graubünden.

Bündnerfleisch - Graubünden specialty - Graubünden specialty

Bündnerfleisch – Graubünden specialty – Graubünden specialty

In contrast to Valais dried meat, Dry-cured beef from the Grisons is cured beef from the thigh muscle, from which tendons and fat are carefully removed. The meat is stored with a delicate mixture of salt, saltpetre and spices in a sealed container at a near-freezing temperature for several weeks. It is then gently dried for several weeks. During this drying phase, the meat is pressed several times to distribute the remaining liquid evenly, giving it its characteristic rectangular shape.

The original Bündner Fleisch is not smoked. Due to the high water loss during the salting and drying process, in which around half of the original weight is lost, no further preservation methods or additives are required.

First-class beef is carefully dried by experienced butchers in the fresh alpine air of the Grisons mountains. A special mixture of spices gives the meat its unmistakable taste. After ten to fifteen weeks, the Bündnerfleisch is finally ready to enjoy and enriches the taste buds with its delicate aroma. Perfectly combined with crusty bread and a glass of wine, you can immerse yourself in a true culinary wonderland of Bündner cuisine.

The long tradition and the artisanal art of production make Bündnerfleisch a proud and beloved specialty that is appreciated by gourmets not only in Switzerland but also worldwide. A delight that reflects the diversity and quality of Swiss cuisine and offers everyone a delicious journey through the region’s variety of flavors.

Other well-known Grisons specialties include Pizokel, Maluns, Capuns, Graubünden pear bread, and Engadine nut cake.

Graubünden air-dried beef

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