Gräppelensee – idyllic and shrouded in legend

Eastern Switzerland

The idyllic Gräppelensee is located above Unterwasser in the municipality of Wildhaus-Alt St. Johann in the canton of St. Gallen on a high plateau at an altitude of 1307 meters above sea level. The Toggenburg natural lake lies in a protected moorland area and is around 140m long and 110m wide.

Gräppelensee - idyllic and shrouded in legend

Gräppelensee – idyllic and shrouded in legend

The Gräppelensee covers an area of 2.1 hectares and has a shoreline of 500 meters. There are two barbecue areas on the eastern shore of the Gräppelensee, while the clear water of the lake is ideal for swimming.

The easiest access to the water is via the jetty on the northern shore. Numerous hiking trails lead to Gräppelensee, and experienced hikers can continue their tour in the direction of Lütispitz, Windenpass or even as far as Schwägalp.

The Gräppelensee also plays an important role in the well-known Toggenburg legend “The Treasure of the Gräppelensee”. The legend of the Gräppelensee describes the story of a girl who resists the temptation to make a pact with the devil in order to exchange her soul for a valuable treasure. This legend has grown up around the lake and has captivated many people over the years.

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We hike from Unterwasser to the Gräppelensee…

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