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For lovers of chocolate and fine specialties, Gottlieber Hüppen and other Gottlieber products are considered exquisite treats and part of Switzerland’s culinary heritage. Gottlieb’s renowned confectionery art is cultivated and continuously refined in a family business steeped in tradition.

Gottlieber Hüppen ©Gottlieber

Gottlieber Hüppen ©Gottlieber

Royal Delights: Hüppen and Queen Hortense Bonaparte

Hüppen have long been known and appreciated in the small Thurgau town of Gottlieben, whose origins date back to 1251. Queen Hortense Bonaparte enjoyed the so-called “Gaufrettes” from Gottlieben here during her time at Arenenberg Castle between 1817 and 1837, making her famous son, the future French Emperor Napoleon III, an enthusiastic fan of these delicate delicacies from Gottlieben.

The Hüppenmanufaktur, located directly on the shores of the Seerhein on Lake Constance in Gottlieben, Switzerland, produces the most delicate and delicious crêpes, which are probably unique in the world. As in times gone by, these delicacies are still carefully and gently baked and rolled by hand, very similar to the process of rolling precious Havana cigars. The precision and care taken in the production process are exceptional.

Each individual Gottlieber Hüppe is then lovingly filled with fine, homemade gourmet fillings or first-class Swiss chocolate. This is followed by careful, manual packaging, piece by piece. These fillings, which are made from only the best ingredients and some of which have been awarded gold prizes, are composed and produced exclusively in Gottlieben.

In the “Gottlieber Sweets & Coffee”, visitors have the opportunity to purchase all the delicious Gottlieber specialties such as Hüppen, cocoa almonds, truffles and chocolate. In an inviting ambience, guests can enjoy cozy moments on the beautiful lakeside terrace, accompanied by a refreshing beer, champagne or an exquisite glass of wine.

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Gottlieber Hüppen Tradition – Deutsch

Gottlieber Hüppen Tradition - Deutsch

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Video A visit to Gottlieber Hüppen

Zu Besuch bei Gottlieber Hüppen

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