Gandria – nostalgic fishing village


The idyllic village of Gandria is located at an altitude of 295 meters on the northern shore of Lake Lugano, on the steep slope of Monte Brè, just 5 kilometers east of Lugano railroad station. The village, which was once dominated by fishermen and border guards, has hardly changed for over a hundred years and exudes a nostalgic atmosphere.



On the opposite bank of Gandria are the village’s former storehouse, the Cantine, and the former border guard barracks. Since 1949, the barracks have housed the Swiss Customs Museum, also known as the Smugglers’ Museum.

The museum provides an insight into the tasks of border guards in the past and present and tells the stories of smuggling in this region. It offers a fascinating account of customs controls, the technology used and the challenges faced by border guards.

Visitors can experience historical artifacts, interactive exhibits and informative presentations to better understand the exciting lives of border guards and the history of smuggling.

Fishing village of Gandria

Fishing village of Gandria

The picturesque and well-preserved village center of Gandria is one of the most beautiful lakeside villages in Ticino. The house facades are reflected in the clear waters of Lake Ceresio. The tightly packed buildings can be reached via steps and alleyways.

Some of the dwellings date back to the 16th and 17th centuries and are decorated with frescoes and stucco work.

The village is easily accessible by boat from Lugano and is connected by two pleasant walking paths: the Gandria path and the path on the opposite shore, which is particularly popular in summer due to the charming grottos.

Home of artists and architects

Like other lakeside villages on Lake Ceresio, Gandria was home to artists and architects who achieved fame abroad.

The brothers Giovanni and Giuseppe Torricelli, for example, were employed at Trento Cathedral in the 12th century and also decorated the ceilings of the beautiful house of Vigilio and Pietro Rabaglio. They were also known for the design of the Royal Palace of the Bourbons in Segovia, Spain.

A visit to Gandria can be combined with two beautiful walks: the Sentiero di Gandria and the lakeside path on the opposite side of the lake, which starts from San Rocco and leads to the Grotti di Gandria.

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