Gäggersteg – Gantrisch Nature Park


Experience the untouched wilderness of the Gantrisch region between Schwarzenbühl and Ottenleue on the Gäggersteg. In 1999, the storm of the century, Lothar, raged across large parts of Europe, leaving fear and devastation in its wake. The forest on the Gägger was not spared from this natural disaster and was almost completely uprooted.

Gantrisch Nature Park

Gantrisch Nature Park

The Gäggersteg is an extraordinary wooden walkway that winds picturesquely through the treetops of the Pfyffe forest reserve. This unique path leads visitors right through the storm wood with its imposing root plates and allows them to experience the natural reforestation in the reserve first-hand.

As you walk along the Gäggersteg, you can also enjoy an impressive view of the majestic Gantrisch range. Along the accompanying family trail, there are also numerous opportunities to learn a lot about the forest and its diverse functions.

One particularly interesting topic is deadwood, which provides a new habitat for many organisms and animals and thus contributes to the promotion of biodiversity.



The Gäggersteg therefore not only offers a unique nature experience, but also a valuable learning opportunity for visitors of all ages. Here they can explore the fascinating nature of the forest, understand the importance of dead wood and experience the rich diversity of plants and animals in the forest reserve up close. A visit to the Gäggersteg is an unforgettable journey into the beauty and importance of nature.

Gäggersteg – a unique wooden footbridge

The architecture of the viewing platform is characterized by the repeated arrangement of a spatial-looking trestle with straight and sloping legs. The walkway meanders virtuously through the area affected by the storm and rises an impressive 8 meters above the ground.

On the Gäggersteg, visitors have the opportunity to observe from an appropriate distance how nature develops after the storm. No other place in Switzerland has left the destroyed forest area so authentic and yet made it individually accessible – a unique nature experience in the Bernese Midlands.

The footbridge blends harmoniously into the surrounding landscape and allows visitors to view the regeneration of the forest from a new perspective. From an elevated position, they can observe the growth of the young trees that are slowly filling the destroyed area with life again. At the same time, the Gäggersteg offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding nature, inviting visitors to marvel and linger.

The interplay between architecture and nature makes the Gäggersteg a unique place that is both aesthetically pleasing and of high ecological value. Visitors can experience the impressive power of nature here and at the same time deepen their respect for its resilience and beauty. A visit to the Gäggersteg promises an unforgettable experience of nature that inspires the senses and enriches the spirit.

Video “Gäggersteg”: Drone video in the Nature Park Gantrisch.

Drone video from the wodden boardwalk “Gäggersteg” in the Nature Park Gantrisch. It remembers the damage of the storm “Lothar” in 1999.

"Gäggersteg": Drone video in the Nature Park Gantrisch.

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Video Gäggersteg | swiss mountains hiking path

Gäggersteg is a walk-in wooden sculpture and hiking path in the swiss mountains. The wooden footbridge in Rüschegg in the Gantrisch regional Nature Park was reopened on June 6, 2020, and offers interesting facts about the surrounding biodiversity as well as a great view of the Gantrisch mountain range.

Gäggersteg | swiss mountains hiking path

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