Federal Palace in Bern


16Bern was chosen as the federal capital in 1848. The Bundeshaus in Bern is the epicenter of Swiss democracy. Parliament meets under its imposing dome, while parts of the national government and the federal administration are housed in the west and east wings.

Federal Palace Bern

Federal Palace Bern

The spacious Federal Square and the extensive Federal Terrace act as lively meeting places for locals and visitors alike.

The Bundeshaus in Bern, designed by architect H. Auer, was completed in 1902. It impresses with its unique architecture, in which the country’s limestone plays a dominant role. Other types of stone from Swiss quarries were also used, including marble, sandstone, gneiss, granite and serpentinite.

An astonishing 30 different types of stone from a total of 13 different cantons and half-cantons were used in the construction of the Bundeshaus. This diversity gives the building a fascinating aesthetic and creates a harmonious interplay of different colors, textures and structures.

The use of regional stone types from Switzerland not only emphasizes the Federal Palace’s connection to its local surroundings, but also represents the diversity and unity of the Swiss cantons. Each stone tells its own story and contributes to the overall picture of this important architectural masterpiece.

The Federal Palace in Bern is therefore not only a symbol of Swiss democracy, but also an impressive example of the rich geological diversity of Switzerland, which is expressed in its construction.

Federal Palace Architecture

Federal Palace Architecture

In the central domed hall, which is located between the two council chambers, there are numerous symbolic representations of Swiss history.

Following extensive renovations, the Swiss seat of government has shone in new splendor since May 2008 and offers visitors the opportunity to take part in guided tours.

However, the Bundeshaus in Bern with its terrace and the Bundesplatz is much more than just the seat of government. It attracts people of all ages and is a popular subject for photos.

On the city tour “1848 – Bern as capital”, visitors can learn interesting facts about the 150-year history of the federal capital and take a look behind the scenes.

Fountains on the Bundesplatz Bern

Where can you find something like this? Unique in the world, you can refresh yourself in 26 fountains in Bern on the Bundesplatz directly in front of the government building. This impressive water installation represents the 26 cantons of Switzerland and exudes a fascinating atmosphere.

Federal Palace National Council Chamber

Federal Palace National Council Chamber

26 fountains represent the 26 cantons of Switzerland

The fountains of the Bernese water feature reach a height of up to four meters and the bubbling water is fed into an underground tank via channels in the ground before returning to the cycle. The water feature was opened in 2004 and offers an impressive combination of rhythmic water fountains and spontaneous splashes that seem to rise directly from the stone slabs.

The backdrop to this unique spectacle is the imposing presence of the Federal Palace and the Swiss National Bank, which are located in the heart of Bern’s UNESCO-listed Old Town. Surrounded by this historic beauty, various seating options on and around the Bundesplatz invite you to take a break during a stroll through the city. Enjoy the refreshing play of the fountains and let yourself be enchanted by the unique atmosphere of this magical place.

Guided tours of the Federal Palace in Bern

The Federal Palace regularly opens its doors for group tours of the premises. The tours are free of charge and last a maximum of 60 minutes. Reservations can be made online, at the earliest three days in advance. Once you have made your reservation, you will immediately receive confirmation in the form of an admission ticket.

There are 30 places available per guided tour

Please note that only the guided tours for the day in question and the three following days are listed on the reservation platform. If there are no guided tours on these days, the booking window will remain empty.

Visitors are requested to arrive at the visitor entrance to the Parliament building at least 20 minutes before the start of the event for the mandatory identity and security check.

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