Experience Piz Nair sunrise


The sunrise in the Engadin is uniquely beautiful. Especially the one on Piz Nair. An unforgettable spectacle.

Early risers can experience the breathtaking spectacle at over 3000 meters above sea level at the Piz Nair Sunrise. Whether mountain bikers, hikers, romantics or sports enthusiasts – the sunrise in the Engadin is an experience for everyone.

Piz Nair Sunrise – indescribably beautiful

The cable cars take participants to the summit of Piz Nair before dawn, where a sumptuous breakfast buffet is served in the summit restaurant while enjoying the spectacular sunrise. Afterwards, you can either get active on the biking and hiking trails on Corviglia or continue to enjoy the morning and take the cable car back down later. The experience is open to all.

Post-sunrise program for hikers, mountain bikers and romantics:


Starting a hike in the low morning sun at an altitude of over 3,000 meters, while marveling at the sunrise and enjoying the breakfast buffet – that’s an experience that even some SAC mountain huts can’t offer!


The mountain bikers use the sunrise to get an early start on the single trails and make the most of their day. After enjoying a hearty breakfast buffet as the sun rises, they set off on their first descent with fresh energy.


The summit of Piz Nair is not only a destination for sports enthusiasts, but also for romantics and nature lovers. The gondola takes you up to the summit early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise. While hikers and mountain bikers explore the surrounding area, romantics can experience the beauty of the morning on Piz Nair and later take the cable car back down to the valley.

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Video Piz Nair Sunrise

Experience the fantastic spectacle at over 3,000 meters…

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