Dream Beyond: Exclusive Switzerland Tours for Lifetime Memories


Experience the journey of a lifetime: Our bespoke luxury trip promises unforgettable moments that surpass your dreams. Enjoy exclusive experiences and personalized service that fulfill your deepest desires and touch your soul. We guarantee this journey will exceed your expectations and create memories that last a lifetime.

Brigitte Heller from Switzerland will be your personal guide on your entire luxury tour through Switzerland:

Video Luxury travel Switzerland – Best of Switzerland – Brigitte Heller

Luxury travel Switzerland - BEST OF SWITZERLAND

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Best of Switzerland Tours – unique, personal and unforgettable

Switzerland reveals itself as a poetic masterpiece with majestic mountain peaks, shimmering lakes, and picturesque valleys. Here, world-famous landmarks seamlessly integrate into nature’s melody, evoking a sense of magic and inspiration. Visitors are transported into an emotional world within these landscapes.

Luxury tours Switzerland - Always with view to world famous Matterhorn

Exclusive Switzerland Tours – view to world famous Matterhorn

Switzerland’s incredible diversity shines through its regions, each with its unique charm, rich traditions, and awe-inspiring attractions. From the majestic Alps to the serene Jura hills, from crystal-clear lakes to quaint villages, Switzerland offers unparalleled landscapes and experiences.

Embark on a luxurious journey through Switzerland and immerse yourself in the elegance of its cities. Explore exclusive boutiques, delight in culinary masterpieces at renowned restaurants, and unwind in luxurious accommodations. Let Switzerland’s enchanting charm captivate you as you create unforgettable moments filled with luxury and delight.

La Maison du Gruyère

La Maison du Gruyère

Pure indulgence: Swiss chocolate, cheese and unforgettable culinary experiences

Swiss cuisine enjoys a worldwide reputation. Chocolate and cheese are internationally renowned and characterize Swiss gastronomy. The diversity of regional cuisine is reflected in traditional dishes such as fondue, raclette and rösti. Swiss restaurants, from cozy mountain restaurants to elegant gourmet establishments, offer a culinary journey through the different regions of the country.

Switzerland’s efficient infrastructure makes it easy to travel around the country. A well-developed public transport system allows tourists to explore the picturesque landscape in comfort. The punctuality and cleanliness of the country are particularly commendable.

Fondue - Schweizer Spezialität

Fondue – Swiss specialty

Overall, Switzerland presents tourists with a unique blend of nature, culture and luxury. From the majestic Matterhorn to charming towns and exquisite cuisine, Switzerland is a versatile and unforgettable destination.

During your luxury trip through Switzerland, you can be enchanted by the elegance of the cities, explore exclusive boutiques, enjoy culinary highlights in renowned restaurants and relax in luxurious accommodation. Immerse yourself in the magic of Switzerland and experience unforgettable moments full of luxury and indulgence.

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Your Dream Luxury Trip: Tailored Exclusively for Unforgettable Memories

Our luxury Switzerland Tours are designed to meet the highest standards and create unique experiences and memories that will last a lifetime:

  • Private tour for 1 to 4 people, family and friends up to 10 people
  • Personal tour guide by the Swiss Brigitte Heller
  • Selected TOP destinations and sights
  • Several excursion options to choose from every day
  • Visit special places that are often only known to insiders
  • chauffeured in a comfortable private car
  • Overnight stay in luxury hotels or unique first class hotels and castles
  • Private guided tour in German, English and French at the same time
  • Day of departure freely selectable
  • 24/7 all-round support
  • Options in bad weather
  • Daily adaptation to individual wishes

Brigitte Heller, General Manager Switzerland-Highlights, brings 30 years of experience and expertise from her many years as a director in the upscale hotel and hospitality industry as well as in the travel industry.

For further information about our exclusive Switzerland Tours please visit: Luxury travel through Switzerland – Tour Packages 2024-2025

Video Exclusive Travel Switzerland with Brigitte Heller

Exclusive Travel Switzerland with Brigitte Heller

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