Emmental – in the footsteps of Gotthelf

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The Emmental, an enchanting hilly landscape in the Central Plateau of the canton of Bern, is widely known for its beauty. It encompasses various areas, including the Ilfis from Burgdorf to the Hohgant, the Emme and the Unteremmental from the border of the canton of Solothurn to Burgdorf.

Emmental farmhouse with large canopy

Emmental farmhouse with large canopy

Emmental - in the footsteps of Gotthelf

Emmental – in the footsteps of Gotthelf

Welcome to Emmental: A Warm Atmosphere Amidst Nature’s Splendor

The most important towns and villages in the Emmental are Sumiswald, Langnau and Burgdorf. The entire landscape presents itself in idyllic splendor with rolling pastures and green meadows. Many of the hills are covered in dense coniferous forests, creating a picturesque backdrop. The region is home to around 97,000 inhabitants and exudes a welcoming atmosphere.

From the famous Emmentaler cheese to delicate ham and exquisite Gault&Millau menus – this region is home to an impressive variety of culinary delights. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that many of these delicacies are made from regional products – Ämmitaler Ruschtig.

Emmental cheese - world-famous

Emmental cheese – world-famous

But it’s not just the food that offers a true feast for the senses, the overnight stay can also be a real treat. How about a stay in a first-class **** hotel including a wellness area? Or perhaps a room high above the fog line with a breathtaking view? For those looking for a special experience, there is even the option of staying in accommodation reminiscent of times gone by – without running water and electricity, just like in Gotthelf’s day. There is something to suit every taste and preference.

Whether you are planning a day trip or a longer vacation, you will certainly not be bored in Emmenthal. This picturesque region offers a wealth of activities to fulfill every wish. From hiking and snowshoeing to Nordic walking, gold panning, golfing, cycling, horse riding and even pottery – there’s something for everyone here.

5 top Emmental sights

1. Emmental show cheese dairy

Emmental cheese storage

Emmental cheese storage

The Emmentaler show dairy in Affoltern is an enchanting place where visitors can experience first-hand how real Emmentaler AOP is made several times a day.

A particular highlight is the opportunity to make cheese yourself and go through the entire process. Comprehensive audiovisual information explains the process in German, French, English, Italian and Spanish to ensure that all visitors can understand the fascination of cheese making.

The Emmental show dairy not only offers insights into traditional cheese production, but also interactive stations and activities that deepen the understanding and enthusiasm for Emmental cheese.

2. Trachselwald Castle

Trachselwald Castle

Trachselwald Castle

The Trachselwald Castle, a venerable fortress from the 13th century, rises majestically on a picturesque hill in the idyllic municipality of Trachselwald, very close to Sumiswald. Originally built as a defensive structure by the brave barons, the castle now has a new role as a living monument to the Peasants’ War and a nationally significant architectural gem.

Visitors can tour the castle free of charge and immerse themselves in times gone by. Fascinating insights into the life of the Anabaptists, the events of the Peasants’ War and the tragic persecution of the Anabaptists are revealed here. The history is brought to life in a small but impressive exhibition that takes visitors on an impressive journey with informative panels and interactive audio stations.

3. Gotthelf Center

The Gotthelf Center is located in the former vicarage where Albert Bitzius lived as a priest and poet from 1831 to 1854 and created his impressive literary work under the pseudonym Jeremias Gotthelf. His best-known novels include “Uli der Knecht”, “Anne Bäbi Jowäger”, “Geld und Geist” and “Die Käserei in der Vehfreude”, while “Die Schwarze Spinne” is considered his most famous novella.

The contemporary museum, inaugurated in 2012, offers a comprehensive exploration of Gotthelf’s life, revealing his multifaceted roles as a pastor, writer, journalist, educator, school inspector, and advocate for the underprivileged. Visitors can experience his incredible creative power and admire valuable first editions.

4. Gäggersteg – Gantrisch Nature Park



The Gäggersteg is an extraordinary wooden walkway that meanders picturesquely through the treetops of the Pfyffe forest reserve. This unique path leads visitors right through the storm wood with its imposing root plates and allows them to experience the natural reforestation in the reserve first-hand.

As you hike along the Gäggersteg, you can also enjoy impressive views of the majestic Gantrisch range. Along the accompanying family trail, there are also numerous opportunities to learn a lot about the forest and its diverse functions.

One particularly interesting topic is deadwood, which provides a new habitat for many organisms and animals and thus helps to promote biodiversity.

5. Trub – the most beautiful village in Switzerland

The picturesque village of Trub in the Upper Emmental was honored with the coveted award for Switzerland’s most beautiful village. With a total population of 1350 and a proud 140 farms, Trub epitomizes rural beauty and tradition. The renowned magazines “Schweizer Illustrierte”, “L’illustré” and “Il caffè” present this award, in which readers can nominate villages from all parts of the country.

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The Emmental – the most beautiful region in Switzerland…

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