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Emmental cheese reigns supreme as the undisputed king of Swiss cheeses. This renowned cheese takes its name from the Emme valley, a river in the canton of Bern, where cheese-making traditions have flourished since the 13th century. With its iconic nutty flavor and signature large holes, Emmental cheese embodies the rich heritage and craftsmanship of Swiss cheesemaking.

The Emmentaler AOP is made exclusively from fresh, untreated milk from cows that feed on grass and hay and never see silage.

Emmental cow

Emmental cow

Swiss Heritage on Your Plate: Emmental Cheese Tells a Story of Tradition

Around twelve liters of milk are needed to produce one kilogram of this cheese. The addition of any additives or genetically modified ingredients is strictly prohibited. Emmental cheese is therefore made using traditional and authentic production methods in order to preserve its unmistakable taste and character.

AOP stands for “Appellation d’Origine Protégée” and is a protected designation of origin. It is a European certification that guarantees the geographical origin and traditional production of a product. In the case of Emmentaler AOP cheese, the designation guarantees that it has been produced according to strict regulations and traditions in the Emmental in Switzerland.

This certification ensures that the cheese meets the highest quality standards and preserves the characteristic taste and features of Emmental cheese.

Emmental cheese storage

Emmental cheese storage

The legendary holes in Emmental cheese

With an impressive diameter of 80 to 100 cm and a weight of 75 to 120 kg, the round wheels of Emmentaler AOP are truly imposing.

Thanks to a combination of traditional production and outstanding quality, this cheese has earned a worldwide reputation as the undisputed “king of cheeses”.

An unmistakable feature of Emmentaler AOP is undoubtedly its characteristic holes. These holes, ranging in size from a cherry to a nut, are formed during the maturing process and give the cheese a unique appearance and texture. They are a sign of the authentic taste and expert production of this legendary cheese.

Important: Emmentaler AOP cheese brand

Emmental cheese

Emmental cheese

Young Emmentaler AOP, which has been matured for at least four months, is characterized by its characteristic aroma, which is mild and nutty. As the cheese matures for twelve months or longer, it develops into a spicy and full-flavored delicacy. Every authentic Emmentaler AOP bears the cheese dairy mark with its unmistakable trademark on one side of the wheel.

This protected AOP designation of origin stands for the origin and outstanding quality of the cheese and thus guarantees an authentic taste experience.

Emmental cheese show dairy

The Emmental cheese show dairy in Affoltern is an enchanting place where visitors can experience first-hand how real Emmentaler AOP is made several times a day.

A particular highlight is the opportunity to make cheese yourself and go through the entire process.

Video cheese with tradition: Emmental

Switzerland is famous for its many types of cheese. One of these is Emmental cheese. In the Emmental in western Switzerland, visitors can find out how it is made – and how the many holes in the cheese are formed.

Käse mit Tradition: der Emmentaler | Deutsch lernen mit Videos

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Video Michelle and Mättu present their Emmentaler AOP | Swiss German

Michelle und Mättu präsentieren ihren Emmentaler AOP | Schweizerdeutsch

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Video Emmental show dairy in Affoltern i.E.

Emmentaler Switzerland cordially invites you to visit the Emmentaler show dairy in Affoltern i. E.. Every year, 300,000 visitors find their way here to learn the secrets of cheese production.

Emmentaler Schaukäserei in Affoltern i.E.

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