Corvatsch – sports mountain with 360° panorama

Highlights Graubünden

On our luxury travel packages (GOLDEN and DIAMANT) in St. Moritz, you can choose between a mountain train ride up Muottas Muragl, Corviglia, Piz Nair or Piz Corvatsch. Piz Corvatsch offers a variety of hiking opportunities in summer and perfectly groomed pistes for skiers and snowboarders in winter. It impresses with magnificent views of mountains, glaciers and valleys.

Our tip: Visit to the “Corvatsch 3303”: This viewing platform at 3,303 meters offers a fantastic panoramic view of the surrounding peaks, glaciers and lakes. Less frequented than other viewpoints in the region, it offers a unique experience of nature in a quieter atmosphere.

Hiking on Piz Corvatsch: countless routes through the Bernina Alps

Piz Corvatsch is a great spot for outdoor lovers, offering lots of fun activities all year. In the summer, you can enjoy many hiking trails, and in the winter, the well-maintained slopes are perfect for skiing and snowboarding. It’s a favorite place for hikers, climbers, skiers, and snowboarders, promising amazing adventures in the beautiful Swiss Alps.

Corvatsch view of Lake Silvaplana

Corvatsch view of Lake Silvaplana

Endless Trails and Pristine Slopes: Piz Corvatsch Offers Unmatched Outdoor Fun

Piz Corvatsch is a 3,451 m high mountain in the Bernina Alps near St. Moritz. It is the highest mountain peak in the Corvatsch region and offers a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains, glaciers and valleys. Piz Corvatsch was first climbed on July 13, 1850.

Piz Corvatsch

Piz Corvatsch

Der Corvatsch ist mit seinen zahlreichen Wanderwegen und 120 Pistenkilometern ein wahrer Traum für Aktivurlauber.

Corvatsch with the highest mountain station in Graubünden

Die Bergstation auf 3303 m ist nicht nur die höchste des Kantons Graubünden, sondern beherbergt auch die höchstgelegene Whisky-Destillerie der Welt. Im Sommer kann man auf den Wanderwegen die Ruhe und Schönheit der Landschaft genießen, während im Winter der Corvatsch Park und die Snow Night für Spaß und Abenteuer sorgen.

Venue of the FIS Freestyle World Championships

Numerous events such as the Freestyle World Cup season finale and the spring festival round off the offer. In winter 2025, the Corvatsch Park will be the venue for the FIS Freestyle World Championships in the halfpipe and slopestyle disciplines in the Engadin.

The Corvatsch cable car is also the highest cable car in Graubünden. The Corvatsch ski area is suitable for beginners and advanced skiers alike. Night skiing on the floodlit slopes under the stars is a unique experience. Paragliding is a great experience for adrenaline junkies due to the high altitude and breathtaking views.

Highest whisky distillery in the world

The highest single malt whisky distillery in the world is located at the Corvatsch mountain station at 3303 m above sea level.

Pascal Mittner and Rinaldo Willy, the two whisky enthusiasts and founders of ORMA, have been maturing their whisky in the cellars of the Corvatsch mountain station for some time now. Whisky has actually been distilled there since fall 2020. The unusual altitude of 3303 meters above sea level has a particular influence on the distilling process, which is around ten degrees cooler at this altitude than at sea level. This gives the ORMA whisky more aromas and complexity.

The ORMA whisky distillery offers guided tours where you can not only taste the exclusive drop, but also take a look behind the scenes.

Summer highlight of the waterway

Hiking to the six Lejins

The six mountain lakes (Lejins – small lakes) on the water trail on Furtschellas shine in various shades of blue and green and offer a family-friendly circular hike of around 2.5 hours.

The water trail is one of the highlights of hiking on Corvatsch. The path leads from the Furtschellas middle station to Alp Munt and climbs steeply. But the effort is worth it when you reach the first lake, Lejin Cristal. This is followed by Lejin Magnetit, Lejin Malachit, Lejin Rhodonit, Lejin S-chaglia and finally Lejin Epidot. For a shorter hike, you can branch off to the left (towards Corvatsch) at the first large fork in the path with the signposts and then turn right again to get directly to Lejin Malachit.

Winter-Highlight Snow Night

Fun on the slopes in the spotlight

On Corvatsch you will find the longest floodlit piste in Switzerland, which runs over 4.2 kilometers from the Murtèl middle station to Surlej.

Every Friday evening, the snow groomer drivers get to work preparing the piste so that the Snow Night piste is ready for snow sports enthusiasts from 19:00. Skiing at night is a special experience. Although you ski on the same piste as during the day, it is different. Your senses are sharper, focused on the illuminated piste, while it is dark all around and the mountains are only lit by the light of the moon and stars. It feels like a different world.

Video Corvatsch/Diavolezza/Lagalb – Summer

Corvatsch/Diavolezza/Lagalb - Summer - #fairytalemountainscenery

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Video Furtschellas Water Trail near St Moritz

This mountain trail visits six beautiful alpine lakes near St. Moritz

Furtschellas Water Trail near St Moritz

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